Memory Monday – We’re taking you First Class on Strictly Air!

For today’s Strictly Fix, we’ve booked you a short very short return trip on Strictly Air to Planet Strictly. You’ll be flying First Class with lots of passengers, including the very dapper Mr Pasha Kovalev 😍.

Anything can happen on a Strictly Air Flight. Some of the stewardesses have been known to start dancing at check-in and along the aisle. In the event of an emergency, exits are located in the top right hand corner of your screen, as well as here πŸ™† hereπŸ™… here and here *does her best impression of an air stewardess then squeals and does a little dance as it’s always been a dream to say that!*

Yes, for today’s memory Monday, we’re off to 2011, to see a First Class Quickstep from finalists Chelsee Healey and Pasha Kovalev. We admit to having a bit of huge soft spot for Pasha 😍 but on a more serious note, his choreography is always imaginative, creative and truly brilliant. His Quicksteps are legendary, and in the three years he’s appeared on the show, we’ve loved all three of the Quicksteps he’s choreographed.

This Quickstep was light, bright and very very fast. Pasha and Chelsee ran round the ballroom as fast as Concorde. The whole story behind the dance was great and had us hooked on this routine. We love 50s Fashion, and Chelsee’s dress gave us serious Dress Envy and the whole performance left us beaming from ear to ear πŸ˜€.

So belt up and put your seats in the upright position, switch off all devices (apart from the ones you’re reading this post on, obviously) and sit back, relax and enjoy the pleasure of a First Class dance:

Thank you for flying with Strictly Air today. Have a great day and hope to see you later for our Strictly Support Group.

Cassie 😊
Pilot of the Strictly Support Group


Smooth Sunday – A Double Smooth Strictly Fix Just For You!

Today we’ve blended up a fruit Strictly smoothie for you with not 1, but 2 American Smooths from the archives.

Our first dance is dedicated to ”My Girl,” my 4 year old Bella, who’s been so grown-up, brave and just adorable over the last few weeks, I couldn’t resist dedicating a dance especially to her. If you follow my personal twitter account, you will see some of her very funny comments, which always make me laugh no matter what mood I’m in. We’re showing you Zoe Lucker and James Jordan’s American Smooth which was elegant, beautiful and left us beaming from ear to ear. Here it is just for you:

We love spoiling you here at the Strictly Support Group, so when we heard it was one of the professional dancer’s birthdays, we dedicated a whole American Smooth to them. It’s the amazing and inspirational Iveta Lukosiute’s birthday today. It’s also Camera Day, so her American Smooth with Mark Benton seemed an appropriate way to celebrate her special day. Iveta, we hope you enjoyed your birthday wish from us and have a wonderful day too. Here it is, incase you missed it earlier:

We hope you loved your double Strictly Fix. In honour of it being Camera Day, we’ve launched our Instagram page a day early! Follow us @scd_support to be reminded of some of the fabulous glittery memories from the Strictly Archives! We’re also asking you to let us know your favourite ever Strictly pics especially for Camera Day. Tweet us @scd_support and we’ll give as many of you as we can a shoutout!

Have a great afternoon.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Samba Saturday – An Extra Special, Saucy, Sizzling Dance for you all!

Yesterday marked a very special occasion in the history of the Strictly Support Group. We are officially 6 months old! Not only was it our half-birthday, but it was also @strictly_steph’s birthday, so it was a double celebration for us Strictly fans.

Once we’d baked a cake, we showed you two fabulous dances. The first was a sizzling Samba to get us in the party mood. We chose Emma Bunton and Darren Bennett’s dance from Series 4. This dance was saucy, sensual and had a real Carnival atmosphere that took us to Brazil. We loved it and hope you do too:

We then moved on to celebrating Steph’s birthday with her favourite routine from Strictly, Aljaz and Janette’s beautiful routine to Forever Young! This routine had us in tears it was flawless as well as being so romantic and magical. We loved it and I think Steph did too. Here it is (along with some tissues) incase you missed it:

We hope you enjoyed your double strictly fix! Don’t forget if you have a birthday coming up and would like a glittery tweet, please let us know and we’ll make your dreams come true with a strictly fix.

Cassie 😊

Foxtrot Friday – Things are about to get very emosh!

Earlier today we showed you Kimberley and Pashas gorgeous (and undermarked) foxtrot from Strictly 2012. For us this dance was soft, beautifully choreographed and exactly what a foxtrot should be. Kimberley looked elegant, Pasha looked hotgorgeous and the whole performance (music, costume and dance) really set the mood! We loved it and it really made us get out the Kleenex! We were blubbering messes. We hope you enjoy watching this dance. Here are some Kleenex to get you through:

It was emotional, and we have some more exciting news! For those of you who missed our announcement earlier, we’re having a baby! πŸ‘Ά I’m due in January so I’m seriously hoping this little one doesn’t interrupt my Strictly watching, or I’ll be having words. I will keep up the blog and chats, as well as our new Instagram page, starting on Monday! My lovely friend @serenepingu will also help make sure we all get our strictly fix, if little one arrives early. Once little one arrives, I will keep this page, our twitter and Instagram going too, it’s something we enjoy and it’s my other baby!

For those of you who heard the announcement earlier, thank you for your support and kind words, we really appreciate it and are slightly overwhelmed by the news.This series of #scd2014 may get even more emosh for us than any other series. Be prepared for blubbering messes throughout the show. Must remember to put waterproof mascara and tissues on my shopping list! 🐼

Cassie πŸ˜‹

Throwback Thursday – A knee-sliding, kick-ball changing, powerhouse of a jive! Boom!

For today’s Throwback Thursday we’re taking you back to 2007, and the week when Gethin Jones came out of his shell, with a powerhouse of a Jive!

When we saw this dance we were amazed! Gethin kicked, flicked and thundered his way across the ballroom floor. He had truly transformed into a ballroom and latin dancer and with the help of his professional partner Camilla Dallerup, received a fab-u-lous 37 out of 40 for this dance from the judges, even if Len made a comment that Gethin looked like Bruno walking down Oxford Street.

We loved the creative and original choreography, the charisma and the colour in this routine (Camilla’s dress gave us serious dress envy) and wanted to try a knee slide at home. Unfortunately it had mixed results and we nearly knocked the dog over! (Sorry Daisy!)

On a more serious note, this dance secured Gethin’s place in the Semi-Finals, and for us he was definitely the most improved contestant on series 5 of Strictly Come Dancing.

We hope you enjoy watching this dance as much as we did. Here it is, just for you Gethin and Camilla’s Jive. Boom!

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Tweet us your thoughts @scd_support or comment in the box below. We’d look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly Support Group – A Recap

In honour of Wimbledon starting earlier on this week, we decided to dedicate our weekly Strictly Support Group to the greatest Tennis tournament in the world. At the time of writing this Murray is through to the 3rd round (which is more than can be said for our footballers!) So last night, we celebrated by preparing you all some Strawberries and Cream, got out our Rackets and served up a Wimbledon Themed Strictly Support Group.

Before we start, to help you read this blog, here are some Strawberries and Cream especially for you πŸ“πŸ“πŸ¦πŸ¦


We started off by serving you this question: Which pro/celeb partnership would win a dance match in Straight Sets?πŸŽΎπŸ†πŸŽΎπŸ† Here are some of your answers:

In the second set, we moved on to asking you In a Tennis Match between the Strictly Come Dancing Crew and dancers, who would be umpire? Once again you hit us some fantastic shots/answers. Here are some of our favourites:

As we approached the final set, we asked you this:

We had lots of great suggestions. Here are our choice picks:

For the match point, we then asked you Which Tennis Player would you like to see appearing on Strictly? Who would you pair them with? Here are some of your answers:

And that concluded our Strictly Support Group. You’re all winners (game, set and match) in our eyes and we want to thank you for all your incredible support! You really do make running this page a sheer joy. We hope you enjoyed our chat this evening. If you missed out tonight, do not fear! You can still take part by commenting in the box below, or tweeting us @scd_support, we’d love to hear from you.

Cassie :)🎾

Wednesday Warm-Up – A Tribute to the Brightest Show on TV… ever!

Today was Colour TV Day! For us Strictly is an explosion of colour. Watching the show is like a technicoloured dream, so for your Wednesday Warm-Up, we dedicated our dance to the wonderful opening dance at Blackpool week 2013.

Strictly’s costume department really make the TV licensing fee cost effective. The bright colourful costumes cheer us up in the darkest nights of winter and this dance was no exception to the rule.

This dance had so much colour and a true carnival vibe! With acrobatics from our pro-dancers, the cute factor of the junior ballroom champions, lots of people from Grimsby and all our celebs looking like something from Rio, we loved it and it really made us smile. It seemed the perfect dance to share with you to rid you of those hump day blues! We’re still unsure how our female celebrities managed to move around in those flowery costumes but we hope you enjoy watching it:

For a little fun, we also asked you to let us know the most colourful and bright moment of Strictly Come Dancing. What better way to decide the ultimate winner than to have a poll. Simply vote below and we’ll reveal the winner tomorrow evening.

Cassie 😊

Fitsteps DVD – A Review by @serenepingu

In a nation full of Strictly Fans, Fitsteps has taken over as a fun way to enjoy exercise. Since running the Marathon in April, we’ve had some injuries, so have been taking it easy, so when we heard there was a Fitsteps DVD out, we decided to let my lovely friend review it for you all! Here’s her review, complete with legwarmers.

As a massive fan of Strictly, hearing about the Fitsteps programme got me as excited as a squealing duracell bunny! I’ve tried Zumba and looked a little crazy and let’s say we had a love to hate relationship. I do enjoy Salsa and the idea of being able to learn some of the moves I’ve seen on Strictly (without even going out!) left me feeling all warm and fuzzy (not sweaty!) Out came the leg warmers, leotard and sweatband and off I went dancing (looking like something out of Flashdance – well sort of!)

For those of you unfamiliar with Fitsteps, it’s a new dance programme devised by Strictly professional dancers Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe along with the help of Olympic swimmer and Strictly contestant Mark Foster. It’s a way of getting fit whilst learning basic moves from some of your favourite dances from the show like the Cha Cha, Waltz, Jive and Quickstep. We’ve really wanted to try a class, but have been unable to, so this DVD is the perfect way for you to learn the basics of the programme from the comfort of your own home.

The DVD has two discs, one containing all the routines, and another one with all the music, so once you know the songs you can dance along at home. There’s also information about healthy nutrition and exercise from Mark Foster. Since receiving the DVD on Friday, we’ve completed all of the routines once. We sometimes find the pace of exercise DVDs too fast, but Ian and Natalie, along with Crystal and Jasmine, guide you through each of the routines in a clear and straight-forward way which makes them very easy to pick up, even if you are a complete beginner. They are encouraging and spur you on to try your hardest.

For us, our favourite routines have to be the Jive and Quickstep. Both these routines left us feeling like we had a really good workout. At the end of the DVD we felt energised, refreshed and feeling good about ourselves (something only dance can do!)

A word of warning, if you do have animals, or children, keep them away as it can get quite dangerous (my cat nearly went flying in the Jive – and he wasn’t even dancing!) and keep a bottle of water close to you at all times, dancing is thirsty work!

For just Β£14.99 plus VAT, postage and packaging, this limited edition DVD really is worth it. Fitsteps is a way of getting fit with a smile on your face. The dance steps are simple and effective and after 3, 30 minute sessions, we’re already feeling a little more toned.

But the question is, after completing the DVD, will we go to a Fitsteps class? Well, actually, Yes! Having tried the DVD, we know the moves aren’t too difficult and it’s left us wanting more. We love dancing and this programme seems a great way to have fun and keep fit.

There was the lovely Serene’s review. You can find out more about the Fitsteps DVD by visiting their website, If you’ve tried the DVD we’d love to hear what you thought of it, tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie and Serene πŸ™‚

Memory Monday – A Magical First Dance

It’s the start of the week, so we thought what better way to start it than by showing a magical first dance from one of our couples.

When this couple danced in 2008, Len labelled it the best ever first dance from a male celebrity on Strictly Come Dancing. It was amazing and truly magical. We’re talking about Austin Healey and Erin Boag’s Waltz.

We loved the gentle, soft nature of this dance and today it’s eased us into the week in a calm and romantic manner.

Erin’s choreography was simple but effective and Austin performed it beautifully. The music (as ever) from the band and singers was beautiful and had an ethereal quality which gave us goosebumps. Erin’s costume gave us serious dress envy (she looked like a princess!)

We loved this dance, and hope you do to, so here it is to kickstart your week, Austin and Erin’s magical Waltz:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚