Fitsteps DVD – A Review by @serenepingu

In a nation full of Strictly Fans, Fitsteps has taken over as a fun way to enjoy exercise. Since running the Marathon in April, we’ve had some injuries, so have been taking it easy, so when we heard there was a Fitsteps DVD out, we decided to let my lovely friend review it for you all! Here’s her review, complete with legwarmers.

As a massive fan of Strictly, hearing about the Fitsteps programme got me as excited as a squealing duracell bunny! I’ve tried Zumba and looked a little crazy and let’s say we had a love to hate relationship. I do enjoy Salsa and the idea of being able to learn some of the moves I’ve seen on Strictly (without even going out!) left me feeling all warm and fuzzy (not sweaty!) Out came the leg warmers, leotard and sweatband and off I went dancing (looking like something out of Flashdance – well sort of!)

For those of you unfamiliar with Fitsteps, it’s a new dance programme devised by Strictly professional dancers Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe along with the help of Olympic swimmer and Strictly contestant Mark Foster. It’s a way of getting fit whilst learning basic moves from some of your favourite dances from the show like the Cha Cha, Waltz, Jive and Quickstep. We’ve really wanted to try a class, but have been unable to, so this DVD is the perfect way for you to learn the basics of the programme from the comfort of your own home.

The DVD has two discs, one containing all the routines, and another one with all the music, so once you know the songs you can dance along at home. There’s also information about healthy nutrition and exercise from Mark Foster. Since receiving the DVD on Friday, we’ve completed all of the routines once. We sometimes find the pace of exercise DVDs too fast, but Ian and Natalie, along with Crystal and Jasmine, guide you through each of the routines in a clear and straight-forward way which makes them very easy to pick up, even if you are a complete beginner. They are encouraging and spur you on to try your hardest.

For us, our favourite routines have to be the Jive and Quickstep. Both these routines left us feeling like we had a really good workout. At the end of the DVD we felt energised, refreshed and feeling good about ourselves (something only dance can do!)

A word of warning, if you do have animals, or children, keep them away as it can get quite dangerous (my cat nearly went flying in the Jive – and he wasn’t even dancing!) and keep a bottle of water close to you at all times, dancing is thirsty work!

For just Β£14.99 plus VAT, postage and packaging, this limited edition DVD really is worth it. Fitsteps is a way of getting fit with a smile on your face. The dance steps are simple and effective and after 3, 30 minute sessions, we’re already feeling a little more toned.

But the question is, after completing the DVD, will we go to a Fitsteps class? Well, actually, Yes! Having tried the DVD, we know the moves aren’t too difficult and it’s left us wanting more. We love dancing and this programme seems a great way to have fun and keep fit.

There was the lovely Serene’s review. You can find out more about the Fitsteps DVD by visiting their website, If you’ve tried the DVD we’d love to hear what you thought of it, tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie and Serene πŸ™‚


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