Strictly 2014 – It Takes Two – Show 2 Recap

Tonight’s It Takes Two saw Pixie, Trent, Thom, Iveta, Tim, Natalie and Karen Hardy all head to Zoe’s glittery home for a chat and some Strictly Magic.

First up were Pixie and Trent. We learnt that:
1) Pixie is not a pixie and has super long legs and went her dance didn’t go to plan on Friday (we didn’t notice!)
2) Pixie became pixelated pixie when she watched herself on her mobile!
3) Trent is from Australia. He means business and is there to win.
4) Their energy is adorable and we love them.
5) For their second dance they’re performing a waltz. We think it’ll be amazing! We predict tuna sandwiches will feature in Trent’s lunchbox this week. Bad breath helps with posture according to Zoe.

We then went behind the scenes of the title shoot. Here we saw that:
1) Scott feels like he has a temporary girlfriend!
2) Kevin is concerned about looking rubbish for the whole series.
3) Alison’s laugh is infectious.
4) Mark shouldn’t be trusted with light bulbs. They break when he goes near them.
5) Joanne and Scott became glitter fairies.

We then saw Thom and Iveta on Zoe’s sofa. We learnt:
1) Thom was very nervous on Saturday.
2) Iveta is impressed with her student as he takes control, is attentive and hardworking. She also gave an Oscars’ speech which we love her even more for. Would love to see her sing on the show.
3) Iveta Luckypoopoo is back and we’re happy to see her on the show. She’s also making up ivetaisms which my four year old understands but confuse me and make me love her even more.
4) They’re dancing Salsa and we cannot wait!

Karen hardy is back again in her choreography corner, complete with cushions. Here’s what she thought of Saturday’s performances:
1) She wanted more content from Mark and Karen and loved his caterpillar!
2) She loved Alison and Aljaz’s energy.
3) Karen loves Steve’s strength and thinks he’ll go far.
4) She thought Thom and Iveta were graceful and she loved their teamwork. As a sportsperson she’s sure he’ll have a journey.
5) She’s impressed with Sunetra’s recovery from her wobbly hold.
6)Gregg and aliona left her speechless.
7) Frankie and Kevin were gorgeous, beautiful and connected brilliantly to the performance.
8) She thought Simon and Kristina were fantastic.
9) We also heard the first Karenism of the year. *chants* “Rhythm is a Regular occurrence of accented beats!”
10) We also had a warning for our judges. Do not be mean to any of our celebrities as you’ll have an angry pregnant lady to contend with! Karen means business.

It was then time for Team Priceless Tim and Natalie to hop onto Zoe’s sofa. Here’s what we learnt from this couple:
1) Tim has a great collection of socks and glasses, as well as some unique moves.
2) Natalie is fixing Tim’s gait! If you’re my 4 year old this caused some confusion
3) They’re dancing the Waltz which we think will be fabulous!

And with a high kick, that was the end of tonight’s show. We’ll be back on Thursday with a further recap for you all. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂


Tango Tuesday – A Dramatic Dance Straight from the Blackpool Ballroom

We know already that one of our couples (Simon and Kristina) will be dancing the Tango this week, so today’s Tango Tuesday fix is a masterclass in tango from Ricky Whittle and Natalie Lowe.

When this couple performed this dance back in 2009 at the Blackpool Ballroom we loved it. They earned a very impressive 35/40. As ever Natalie’s dress was a beautiful colour and absolutely stunning. The choreography was imaginative and creative, and you could feel the tension through our TV screens. Technically it was brilliant and we loved it.

Here it is, just for you. It’s time to watch Ricky and Natalie’s Tango:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance. Tweet us @scd_support with what you thought about it or comment in the box below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Strictly Support Group 🙂

Strictly 2014 – Your Favourite Dance of Week 1 – The Results

The other day, my 4 year old Bella, asked you to vote for your favourite dance of Week 1 in a poll on her recap.

She’s asked me (being a grown-up) to count your votes and I can now reveal (in true Strictly style) the winner is *drumroll*

Frankie and Kevin’s (wonderful) Waltz

It was one of our favourite dances and it’s clear to see why. Kevin’s choreography was soft, elegant and romantic and full of pivot turns. The costumes (and props) were beautiful and the music suited the dance perfectly (especially as the clever band had changed it to waltz time!) We loved it, and as first dances go, it was pretty amazing!

We can’t wait to see the dances this week and once again will be letting you decide your ultimate favourite dance of week 2.

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2014 – It Takes Two – Show 1 Recap

Tonight we watched the wonderful It Takes Two return to our screens. We donned our sequins but didn’t smother ourselves in fake tan (it doesn’t suit our complexion!) It’d seem that Zoe Ball lives in the It Take Two studio all year waiting to hit her buzzer to launch the show. There are glitter fairies (if a post ever becomes available, my four year old would love to take their place – trust me, she’d do a brilliant job) who sprinkle glitter everywhere and help the magical kingdom of It Takes Two come to life.

This year, the wonderful people at Strictly have given Zoe a new toy and it’s a lighty-uppy photo board thingy, which (we’re led to believe) even makes cappuccino (wow!) They’ve also shown us that they’re not really filming this show in a glitterball, but in the London Studios, and have a beautiful window on the Thames.

We then saw the first of tonight’s couples to go into Zoe’s glittery hub, Alison and Aljaz. We learnt that:
1) Alison is Beyonce from Birmingham! She is Sasha Fierce.
2) Aljaz smells of catnip and has sweaty palms. Don’t put him near cats as they’ll go mad and slide out of his hands!
3) Alison has well and truly embraced the glitter and sequins and is having so much fun. We love their energy and enthusiasm!
4) They’re dancing foxtrot this week. Alison is born to dance Latin, but we’re pretty sure she’ll perform this brilliantly.

The second of tonight’s couples to appear were Simon and Kristina We learnt:
1) Simon is jumping Jack Flash and looks good in his specs. He could give Kevin from Grimsby competition as best specs wearer
2) We and Zoe loved Kristina’s choreography, which made her (Kristina) proud and blush.
3) Kristina is proud of her student and thinks he’s an amazing pupil.
4) Simon is really harsh on himself.
5) They’re dancing Tango and he practised his tango face without specs. He looked like the demon headmaster.

Karen Hardy then appeared and announced she is 20 weeks pregnant. Congratulations to Karen and family. As well as a bump she’s also been given two heart cushions and is wearing shoes which we love! For Karen:
1) Caroline is her Dark Horse and stole Friday night’s show.
2) She loved Tim and Pixie
3) She loved Janette’s choreography.
4) She thought Judy was beautiful and loved the bagpipe man.
5) She wants to love Scott, but admitted that when you resort to air punching it’s a bad sign! (Cue booing from my 4 year old!)

For tonight’s final couple, Judy and Anton popped into Zoe’s hub. We learnt:
1) Judy was smiling throughout the performance and is still smiling now, she has embraced Strictly 2014.
2) Judy was asked to be removed from a dance class aged 7 for being disruptive. We’re pretty sure Anton is looking after her so this won’t happen again.
3) Anton loves Judy’s legs.
4) They’re dancing a Cha Cha Cha with towelography (sounds interesting!)

We also asked you what you thought of tonight’s show. Here are some of our favourite tweets:

We’ll be back tomorrow for another It Takes Two recap.

Cassie 🙂

Memory Monday – A trip back to the weekend

We all know that Monday feeling. The one where you wonder where did that weekend go! It really does fly by in a flash, so we obviously need reminding of it. For today’s Monday memory, we’re watching the fabulous opening routine on Saturday’s show from our professional dancers.

Not only did we see lots of great dancing but hi-tec features where our dancers cloned themselves, appeared to dance with professionals on the screen screen and also what’s best, they danced to one of our favourite songs ever, Pompeii by Bastille. The professionals tempted, teased and tantalised us with their amazing dancing skills. There was partner swapping too, which excited us lots!

Whoever choreographed this dance, give them a medal! It was truly fantastic and set the scene for a great show. If this is their first professional dance of the series, we can’t wait to see the other dances they have lined up for the rest of the show. It truly was the best professional routine ever!

We loved it and hope you do too. Here are our professional dancers with their performance from Saturday’s show.

We hope you loved watching that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t forget to join us from 6.30pm on scd_support where we’ll be tweeting during It Takes Two and then after for our It Takes Two chat. We hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂

Favourite First Dance – The Results

So you may remember, the other day we held a poll to choose what you thought was the Ultimate Favourite First Dance you’d ever seen on Strictly.

The unanimous winner was Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor with their Cheeky Cha Cha Cha.

We have to agree these two made a great first impression and soon became Dark Horses of the competition.

We loved the choreography and how well it suited Lisa’s strengths and showed off her bubbly personality, strength and love of dance, so full marks to Robin for that one!

Thank you to all who voted in our poll. We’ll be hosting polls throughout the series, so keep an eye on here to take part.

Cassie 🙂

Sequins and sparkles at the ready!


Yay! Strictly’s back! I love Strictly. I danced for ten years when I was younger, and the whole art form has always fascinated me – and the outfits and the routines (and let’s face it, the buff dancers) of Strictly always suck me right in. I watch it with my husband and my six-year-old daughter, and you should hear us commentate! ‘No heel leads’ remarks my husband as we watch a waltz. ‘Not pointing his toes,’ adds my daughter when we watch a jive. ‘She fluffed that underarm turn and her spotting is awful,’ I say. We sit on the sofa and eat popcorn whilst dishing out our criticism – haha! Armchair judges!


Do you watch Strictly? Who’s your favourite this year? I had several stand-out moments from the first two shows:

  • Alison Hammond. She’s big and beautiful and WHAT a fab laugh. I love her attitude – and she’s…

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Strictly week 1


So week 1 of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing is officially over. I have been so excited all week (this may have contributed to me winning the living room tv problem with my housemate – strictly vs xfactor) and was glued to my television this weekend. This weekend’s programmes definitely didn’t disappoint. The standard seemed to be the highest it has been for the debut weekend in the last few years – definitely better than the opening weekend last year despite still having a few dodgy dances!

I’m loving Tess and Claudia presenting it. There’s a few odd scripted jokes/puns that Tess has to say but on the whole there’s less joking around and more focus on the dancing which I am loving! I also love Claudia – she’s so funny!

One thing that’s really annoying me (already!) is the studio audience. Firstly, you do not need…

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