Strictly 2014 – The Headlines With a Touch of Glitter

As you know, every evening we’re bringing you the Strictly Headlines with a pinch of glitter! We like to make you smile when you’re feeling down, and what better way to do this than with a recap of the wonderful goings on in the world of Strictly.

In tonight’s headlines:
*BONG* Team Radio JoJo make it onto the front page of the Radio Times. Well done Scott and Joanne, thoroughly deserved. For one young fan in my house, she thought they’d won the Glitterball! Not quite yet Bella!) Wishing them all the best on the show!

*BONG* Judy and Anton meet Lord Voldemort (Craig Revel Horwood) and get the Lightening Mark get struck by Camera Flash Lightning:

*BONG* There have been a few cases of sore feet showing our Celebrities and Pros are hard at work to give us the best show possible on Friday! Nice nail varnish Alison!

*BONG* Preparations for Friday’s show are well and truly in swing! Check out Trev’s bass guitar! Wonder if he has a hat to match:

*BONG* It’d also seem there is competition for the Glitterball already!

*BONG* And it’d seem that it’s a very small world as this selfie from our 3 of our pros proves:

*BONG* And finally, things have been getting very strange for one of our couples in the training room as these tweets, funny faces and poses show:

We’re still trying to work out a caption for them. If you can think of one, comment in the box below or tweet us @scd_support, we’d love to hear from you!

That ends tonight’s Strictly Headlines. We’ll be back tomorrow for your next bulletin.

From London, this is Cassie, signing off for the Strictly Support Group.

Good Night πŸ™‚


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