Throwback Thursday – Our Next Two Favourite Dances

For someone who’s not a Strictly Fan it’s probably advisable to keep your distance today. There has been loud screaming, lots of jumping around, lots of glitter being worn and just general excitement. As you lot all are super Strictly Fans, I know I can count on your support as there is *gets on her soapbox* JUST ONE MORE SLEEP UNTIL STRICTLY IS BACK! *climbs down from said soapbox.*

Whilst we’re super excited about the show returning, I’m a little sad as today’s the penultimate day of our Fave First Dances. *sad face.* For today’s first dance I’ve chosen to show you Penny and Ian’s fab-u-lously fast Quickstep. When this dance was performed in 2007, it scored her an amazing 33 out of 40 points. The judges were impressed as were we, the audience at home, too. It had lots of flair, was smooth, fast and had beautiful choreography as well as rise and fall (*realises she’s sounding like Len Goodman!*) We also loved Penny’s dress, although we don’t think we’d be brave enough to carry off that green. We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here are Penny and Ian with their wonderful quickstep:

For our second dance, we’ve chosen to take you back to 2008 to watch Austin and Erin’s wonderful Waltz. This dance was declared by Len to have been “The best ever first dance from a male celebrity” so it seemed quite fitting to have chosen it for one of our fave first dances today. We loved the music, choreography and dancing which was understated, soft and elegant. It did move us to tears, so we’re sending you all a pack of kleenex just incase. Here are Austin and Erin with their beautiful waltz:

We hope you enjoyed watching these dances. We’ll have our final instalment in this series tomorrow, then will put a vote on here to decide the ultimate fave first dance.

Cassie πŸ™‚


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