Strictly 2014 – Week 1 – Show Two – Review Seen from my very young Strictly Fan’s eyes

Throughout the series, I will be letting my very young (and very funny) Strictly Fan, Bella take over my blog occasionally to give her views of the show. For those of you who are new to my blog, she is a 4 year old Strictly Fanatic who loves her glitter and is determined to Get the Glitterball to Grimsby this year! She is also a future film critic and is brutally honest at times, but adorable with it too. Here are her views on last night’s show.


Hello everyone. I’m Bella and I’m four and a bit. Mummy’s let me and is helping me write this, so she’s told me to be good and nice. She said something about if I didn’t have something nice to say not to say it at all, but I’m a chatterbox so this is very hard. Last night I watched Strictly and I loved it.

It started with the professionals dancing together. I really liked seeing lots of Karens and Kevins and loved how quickly Janette changed into her Tango dress. Mummy says because it’s Strictly they all have magical powers. That’s so awesome. When I’m taller (older) I’d love to dance on Strictly too.

For the first dance, we saw Mark and Karen (two of my flavourites) dancing the Cha Cha Cha. Mark looked like a lollipop lady at first, but I really liked this dance and liked him turning into a caterpillar at the end. Mummy said that caterpillars become beautiful butterflies, so I think he will grow up lots in the competition and will become a really good dancer. They looked like they were having fun and I started dancing at home. Bella’s score out of ten: 7/10


The next dance was from Alison and Aljaz who also danced a Cha Cha Cha. They looked like they were having lots of fun and her dress was really pretty. It made her look like a mermaid. I’m not sure why Aljaz was wearing sunglasses because it was nighttime and nobody wears sunglasses at nighttime. Bella’s Score out of ten: 8/10


Up next were Steve and Ola with a Tango. I really like Steve because he likes glitter and animals. I am going to sprinkle my daddy with glitter too (don’t tell him or mummy!) Mummy says they’re supposed to look grumpy in this dance, so if they are I think they looked great. Bella’s score out of ten: 8/10


We then saw two Irish people. I don’t know who they are and couldn’t understand what they were saying. Mummy says they’re called Jenny and Tristan. They danced to my favourite song from Despicable Me, Happy! I didn’t really watch their dance much because I was dancing along. They looked very happy. I think they could have had minions in their performance as maybe then the judges would have scored them higher. Bella’s score out of ten: 6/10

Next up were Thom and Iveta who danced a Waltz. I liked Iveta last year because she turned into a Lion and danced a Samba, and she can sing too! She must be a princess, because nobody can do all those things and dance. I love her dress and she looks really pretty. Mummy started crying in this dance, which she said was a good thing. I’m not sure how crying can be good, but I really liked it because she was princess dancing. Bella’s score out of ten: 7/10

Claudia must have hurt herself and broken herself somewhere during their dance. I think that the grumpy judge must have tripped her over because this happened. I wanted to give her a hug:

Mummy told me not to worry as she’d be fine, and she was right! Claudia seemed to be fixed after our next couple danced. Strictly is magical!

We then saw Sunetra and Brendan dance a Tango. They were in a hospital before they started dancing, so maybe they were fixing Claudia and making her better. They obviously weren’t happy with one another as they looked really grumpy. I did like Sunetra’s dress as it looked really pretty. Mummy said something about them being the Dark Horses of the competition. They don’t look like horses though. She confuses me sometimes. I liked their dance, even though they were grumpy and would give them an 8/10


Then we saw Gregg and Aliona go on a picnic and dance a Cha Cha Cha. I don’t think he danced very well, because he’s a chef he was distracted by all the food. Chefs don’t make great dancers, but dancers do eat a lot, so we need chefs to make them food. Chefs shouldn’t dance. (reminds her her favourite last year was a chef) Hairy Dave couldn’t dance but he had Karen to teach him and she is a good teacher and taught him to entertain people. I liked him but I was confused by this dance and didn’t really understand it. Mummy said he was trying his hardest and he may improve. I think he needs to eat more glitter before his next practice. That’ll help him! Bella’s score out of 10: 4/10


*excitable four year old jumping* My favourites were on next. Mummy’s probably told you I want the Glitterball to go to Grimsby this year, because I felt sorry for Kevin last year. I voted lots and lots for him and Susanna but they didn’t win. It was time for Frankie and Kevin with their Waltz. They started things off with an Umbrella. It wasn’t raining but mummy was crying lots during the dance, so maybe they were worried they’d get wet in the studio. I don’t know why mummy was crying, but she said it was because the dance was very beautiful. Frankie looked like a princess, even though she has short hair. Kevin didn’t wear his glasses, which made me a little scared but he could see ok without them which was good. I loved this dance and they spun around lots and lots. I’d give them a 10/10 They’re my favourites!


Finally we saw Simon and Kristina dance a Jive. Mummy said he was in a band called Blue, but he seems to have changed colour and is now Red. I want to change colour like that! I liked their dance and they looked like they were having lots of fun. He looked like a bunny rabbit bouncing around. Mummy said the baby liked it too, but I’m going to tell her to vote for one of my favourites next week, she still needs to learn. I’d give him a 9/10.

That was the end of the show. I really liked it lots and lots tonight, but my favourites had to be Frankie and Kevin as they looked magical and I loved their dance. We then see the leaderboard and there’s as mummy put it “A Clifton Sandwich.” As Frankie and Kevin are at the top of the leaderboard and Scott and Joanne are at the bottom. I don’t want to eat anyone, but want to give Joanne a hug. I think Scott looked like he was having lots of fun. He did look like he went bowling at one bit of the dance.


I’ve told mummy we needed to vote, but she said we didn’t, so I’ve made a poll on here instead (with her help.) Who were your favourites? Vote in this poll below to decide:

Thank you Bella for reviewing the show. We’ll be back on Monday for an It Takes Two premier show launch chat from 7pm. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie and Bella.


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