Strictly 2014 – It Takes Two – Show 4 Recap

Tonight’s It Takes Two saw Jenny and Tristan, Gregg and Aliona, Steve and Ola and Vicky Gill join Zoe in the It Takes Two hub.

We learnt from the opening titles that Steve likes hiding in the undergrowth of the London Studios, waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting wildlife! Spiders and snakes beware.

For the first part of the show we saw how our couples are getting on in training. We saw:
1) Scott weightlifting Jo/Jo climbing on Scott and using some interesting tools to improve his posture. They seemed to work as he looked good
2) Alison struggling to look away from Aljaz.
3) Pasha and Caroline pretending to hate one another.
4) Tim wearing an unusual outfit
5) Janette in a death defying lift *closes eyes*
6) Kevin and Frankie having lots of fun and laughter.
7) Gregg is connecting with the Charleston.

We then saw Gregg and Aliona walk elegantly down the stairs to chat to Zoe. We learnt:
1)Gregg went wrong several times but got it back
2) Nobody should utter “Stop mincing to Gregg!” It terrifies him.
3) Triflegate occurred on Saturday night. After Gregg put his face in the trifle, Aliona ate it.
4) They’ve had two wardrobe malfunctions and Aliona got an eyeful. As a gift, the lovely folk at It Takes Two gave him a pair of boxers.
5) They’re dancing Charleston this week. We cannot wait!

For our next couple we saw Steve and Ola come inside from the wilds to Zoe’s hub. We learnt:
1) Steve is super enthusiastic and doesn’t realise how good he is. He was chuffed with judges’ comments. We love his love of all things strictly!
2) Ola finds Steve strong, really strong!
3) Ola is Steve’s honey badger. We don’t see the likeness personally:

4) Steve gets very dizzy!
5) They’re dancing the cha cha cha. We think they’ll be fabulous.
6) James is at home cooking Ola’s dinner or so we’re led to believe.

Vicky Gill then returned for the section, Get Frocked with Vicky Gill (perfectly voiced by Alan Dedicoat!) We saw some great costumes for Frankie, Pixie and Aliona. We also heard Kevin From Grimsby is dancing as the Fonz! We cannot wait!

Our final couple tonight were Jennifer and Tristan. We learnt that:
1) Jennifer needed a nap and was tired after 90 seconds of Jive.
2) Tristan loves dancing and is determined to get the best out of Jennifer. We loved his voice and were slightly distracted by what he was saying, so we’re unsure what he may have said.
3) Jennifer is very busy but dancing the waltz and in love with the song and dance.
4) Jennifer swears a lot! We think they should give her a swear box for every time she swears.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’d love to hear what you thought of the show. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below. No chat from us tomorrow night but we’ll be back on Saturday for a chat during the live show. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie πŸ™‚


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