Strictly 2014 – Getting Ready for the Live Shows.

We know that the weekends during Strictly season seem to fly by extra fast and that some of you may be struggling with preparing things ready in time for the live shows.

Being the helpful people we are here at the Strictly Support Group, we’ve created a Strictly Live Show check-list, to make sure you don’t miss out. Here’s a list with our suggestions for what to do during the shows to avoid any disappointment:


Number 1 on our list: Get a Scorecard
To make voting and choosing your favourites extra easy, we like to fill out a Scorecard. We rate each of the performances on a scale from one to ten. We then give the couples we liked the most our votes.

Number 2 on the list: Get your Strictly Snacks ready No show is complete without the compulsory Strictly Snacks. They make perfect comfort eating, when some of our judges are mean to our celebrities and make a great talking point with other Strictly fans. Use the hashtag #strictlysnacks during the show. This is also handy for getting inspiration from other fans during the week. We often have food envy! This week we’re enjoying healthy fruit, less healthy cupcakes, tiffin cake and vanilla ice cream (yummy!)

Number 3 on the list: Make homemade scoring paddles If, like my 4 year old, you like getting creative with glitter, this is a great way to get your young strictly fans interested during the show. So far we’ve made a 4 paddle, a 7 paddle and a 10 paddle for young Bella (she refuses to make any others as she doesn’t like other numbers! She only made the 4 paddle as it’s her age!)

Number 4 on the list: Make sure you’re first in your house to get a comfy seat Nothing beats watching Strictly from the comfort of your own armchair (well other than being in the studio of course!) With a 2 hour 10 minute show this week, we’ve reserved the comfiest chair in the house to make watching our favourite show even more enjoyable.

Number 5 on the list: Save your favourite couple’s phone number on your mobile phone We know dialling after the show can be extra stressful. If you need to vote for your couple several times, this makes it a lot easier and quicker for you, meaning more votes, more chance of them staying in and avoiding the dreaded “E” word! Warning! Anyone with a young strictly fan who is clever enough to know how to use their mum, dad, sister, auntie, uncle, brother, grandma, grandad or other relative’s phone, please keep your phone out of reach. It can lead to expensive phone bills! Fact!

Number 6 on the list: Prepare “Do not Disturb” signs If you are the only person in your household who enjoys watching Strictly, we send out a glittery hug in sympathy for you. We’re willing to adopt you if you are. Until we do, and if this is the case, make sure you have “do not disturb” signs ready for during the live show. There is nothing more annoying than watching your favourite programme to be interrupted by a non-strictly fan (yes! they really and sadly do exist!) mid-routine. The other option is to force them to watch Strictly. I did this to my husband and he now loves the show!

Number 7 on the list: Fully charge your iPad, phone or tablet and follow some of the best accounts on twitter for fun during the live shows We love tweeting during the show and love reading what you think of it. The easiest way to follow Strictly, is to type the hashtag #scd2014, #scd or #strictly in your twitter search bar to see what’s being said. We recommend following @bbcstrictly who always put up fantastic pictures during the shows. Other great tweeters include @tashaontv, @strictlyblog, @strictlyisms, @ultimateSCD, @strictlypros, @strictlynewswire, @strictlygirls, @strictly_steph, @laylatango, @dilly4, us and our fabulous celebrities and professional dancers too! There are many more fab-u-lous fan accounts, but if we listed them all, we’d be here all day!

We hope this blog helps you prepare for the second live show and the dreaded first “E” word. We’ll be back at 6pm with our weekly #strictlysupportgroup. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂


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