Strictly 2014 – It Takes Two – Show 5 Recap

Last night saw the first It Takes Two Friday Panel and the return of Champions Abbey and Louis and Lisa Riley, along with Sunetra, Brendan, Jake, Janette, Frankie and Kevin. Jake seemed shocked that someone had to go home *cue surprised reactions from all the people on the show.*

We learnt that Zoe Ball has an amazing collection of shoes (which we’ve seen this week) and that Scott is the voice of the Ho!

Our first couple to walk into Zoe’s lair were Sunetra and Brendan. We learnt:
1) Sunetra is impressed with the new interior design at It Takes Two HQ.
2) Sunetra had an out of body experience dancing the tango. She was very scared but survived with no casualties.
3) Brendan was proud she got through the performance.
4) Sunetra is superwoman. We take our hat off to her. Working, travelling on the train, being a mum, training for strictly and forgetting stuff. We think she could be this year’s Susanna Reid!
5) Sunetra is surprised by how relaxed Brendan is.
6) Sunetra loves working with a pillow more than Brendan.
7) Sunetra is dancing cha cha cha. It’s fast, but Brendan is impressed on her progress and he hopes she remembers the start, middle and the end.

We then saw Jake and Janette (Team JanJakey) step into the hub. We could hear Kevin screaming Jake’s name in the background. #hisnameisjake. We learnt:
1) He was very nervous about dancing the. Tango. His kids were very proud and had a late night.
2) Janette was very proud of her partner and said he’s a great student.
3) Scott Maslen is giving Jake lots of advice.
4) We’re confused if they are or aren’t focused.
5) They’re dancing salsa but he didn’t look to keen on the music but is fearless doing lifts.

Our final couple to step into Zoe’s hun were Frankie and Kevin (from Grimsby!) We learnt:
1) She felt she was too serious and felt scared without her girls. They were scared for her too.
2) Kevin is an honorary Saturday and went on tour. He could be the 6th member.
3) Kevin feels under pressure, is losing his hair but has a gorgeous Quiff.
4) Kevin is struggling to keep her focused.
5) Sibling rivalry is rife and causing confusion in the It Takes Two studio! Kevin was called Joanne by Guido (hot man in shorts who gave Pasha and Caroline fizzy apple juice!) Cue a swingathon-style reaction from Kevin (we loved it!)
6) They’re dancing a happy days style Charleston, which will be fun. Kevin is going from Werewolf to The Fonz!

There was then an emotional VT from all our couples about the dance off. Understandably, nobody wants to leave. They all love it. We should vote for them all. It’s getting emosh! According to you lovely lot, Gregg, Tim, Scott and Judy are all in danger this week.

This then saw the return of the Friday panel including the lovely Lisa Riley, Abbey Clancy and Louis Smith.

Lisa announced she’s hosing the Strictly Superfan quiz, to give you lovely superfans the chance to win tickets to the Strictly Final. You can enter by visiting We learnt:
1) Abbey hated being in the dance off.
2) They played the amazing game. Everyone is amazing and nobody should go home.
3) They loved Simon and Kristina and Alison and Aljaz.
4) They want Judy and Anton to do well.
5) They love Tim but not his interesting headgear.
6) They love Pixie and Trent’s waltz.
7) They think Thom looks confused.
8) They think Gregg looks like he’s having fun.
9) They loved Mark’s caterpillar and were surprise Louis got away with doing it several times during the series. There was a near caterpillar-off!
10)They think Jennifer looks better in ballroom but needs to concentrate on her posture.
11) Lisa nicknamed Scott, Captain Plod but they think he’s adorable and really want him to do well.

Our panel thought Jenny, Thom and Scott were in danger.

That saw the end of Friday night’s It Takes Two. It was truly fabulous and we cannot wait for tonight’s show. Join us from 6pm tonight for a fun chat and commentary throughout the show. We’d love to hear what you thought of last night’s show. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie :


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