Strictly 2014 – Week 2 – Performance Review

Tonight saw our 15 couples take to the floor to dance for our votes and avoid the dreaded “E” word! We got our Strictly Snacks, Score Paddles, Scoreboards, Do not disturb signs and Seats along with numbers pre-programmed in our phones and fully charged iPads and phones all ready for the mammoth Ballroom Blitz.

There were Cinderella moments (Tess lost her shoe!), Wow moments, Grumpy moments (Craig had taken his grumpy pills) OMG moments and indescribable moments, but we loved the show overall. Here are our thoughts on tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing.

The first couple to dance were Thom and Iveta with their Hot (Hot, Hot) Salsa. We knew that he was going to be compared to Mark Ramprakash in this dance, but we loved it. We thought he looked super hot in his lifeguard outfit, as did lots of you when we tweeted this:

For us, it wasn’t technically perfect, but Salsa is a relaxed dance. We really enjoyed this and for us it scored a 7/10. Our judges gave the dance a 25/40.


Second onto the dancefloor were Jenny and Tristan. We love this couple (even though we struggle to understand them when they speak!) For us, Jenny looked much better in hold and my 4 year old even went so far as saying she looked like “a princess dancing with a prince!” For us, we scored them a 6/10. Our judges scored them a disappointing 19/40. We thought they were undermarked, even though there was gapping and it wasn’t perfect, it was a marked improvement from the previous week.


Next to dust off their dancing shoes were Simon and Kristina Once again, Strictly’s costume department excelled in producing such a gorgeous Tango dress for Kristina. We liked the music choice and the choreography. Simon looked super intense and fierce which we loved too. For us, he scored an 8/10. For our Judges, they gave him a 26/40.

Next up were Gregg and Aliona with their Charleston. Some dances we cannot wait to see, just for the sheer anticipation of them and this was one of them. Any dance with cake in it, always goes down well in our house. It was entertaining and fun. Gregg looked relaxed (rather than terrified of Aliona as he did last week) and it was a marked improvement. For us we gave him a 6/10. Our judges marked him an 18/40.

Foxtrotting into the ballroom next were Alison and Aljaz with their Foxtrot. It seemed that Aljaz let Alison take control this week, then regretted it. This dance was really powerful and Alison’s enthusiasm, sheer joy and energy shone through. For us they deserved a 7/10, however our judges awarded them 22/40.

The lovely producers then took us on holiday to Cuba to see Jake and Janette’s Salsa. We needed and think they deserved a Pina Colada after that dance. We’ve nicknamed Jake and Janette, Team Snakeyjanjakey. Bruno said “your hips don’t lie!” and he was true. The lifts were out of this world (literally!) Janette put so much faith in Jake which we loved. They scored a 10/10 from us and a 35/40 from our judges which was well deserved.


We then came back to Wimbledon, to witness Judy and Anton’s Cha Cha Cha. This dance had lots of clever choreography and once again Judy did try her hardest, but it did look a little stiff like a tennis racket. Think nerves once again got the better of her. She scored a 6/10 from us and 17/40 from our judges.

The next couple to perform were Caroline and Pasha. Pasha told her to channel an ex-boyfriend, so we’re pretty sure she was thinking of Harry Styles whilst dancing. Their tango was super dramatic and fierce. We loved it and think she could be the Dark Horse of the competition! For us they scored an 8/10. From our judges they received 29/40.


We then saw a charmingly romantic Waltz from Tim Wonnacott and Natalie Lowe. Tim even took his wife out for a dance this week, which made us fall in love with him even more. They danced to When you wish upon a star which made Natalie a Disney Princess and Tim her Prince Charming. We loved his charming nature in the dance and the romantic ease with which it was performed. For us, they deserved a 7/10. Our judges awarded them 23/40.

Next up were Sunetra and Brendan with their Cha Cha Cha. This dance was speedy, quick and cheeky. It suited Sunetra perfectly (as did her dress) and they both looked like they were having so much fun. There were even tears of joy. We think Sunetra will go far this series. For us they deserved a 7/10. Our judges awarded them 26/40.

Mark and Karen then showed us what they were made of with a beautiful American Smooth routine. This dance was adorable, super smooth and beautiful. Karen looked like a princess and the music choice was lovely. It was a great routine from this couple and in our opinion they deserved a solid 8/10. Our judges awarded them 27/40.

Our next couple to stomp dance around the Strictly Ballroom were Scott and Joanne with their Tango. We have to admit, given the song choice, Joanne choreographed a very dramatic tango. It was adorable (a word we never thought we’d use) as these two quite obviously get on really well, and Scott did end up in giggles midway through the dance. We could see a great improvement from the previous week, and felt that the only way is up for this couple. We scored them a 6/10 and our judges, 20/40.

Pixie and Trent then wowed us (and turned us into a blubbering mess) with their wonderful waltz. It was effortless, elegant and transported us back to the olden days of Old School Hollywood Glamour. We loved this dance and awarded them a 9/10. Our judges gave them a fab-u-lous, 35/40.

The human glitterball that is Steve and his partner Ola then took to the floor for a cheeky cha cha cha. Steve really did exude enthusiasm (which we loved) and looked like he had the time of his life, even if he did scare Ian Beale with his thrusting! We loved this routine and awarded him a 7/10. Our judges weren’t that impressed and thought his footwork was a little bit muddy (4 year old pointed out his costume was brown!) They awarded him 21/40.

Our final couple of the night were Frankie and Kevin (The Fonz) from Grimsby. So last year, Kevin became a Werewolf for his Charleston. This year he’s turned into The Fonz! Wonder what he’ll become next year? This dance was a Swing Charleston fusion which worked perfectly! We loved the choreography, concept, music and dancing. The judges commented Frankie didn’t have a swivel action! From what we could see, we saw a perfect swivel action and loved it. For us they scored a 9/10. From our judges they scored 30/40.

That ended the night’s action. We no longer have a Clifton sandwich on the leaderboard and everything’s been a little bit mixed up. Voting has now closed, but we’ll be here tomorrow night from 7.20pm for a results show chat when someone will go home. We hope you can join us then.

Cassie πŸ™‚


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