Strictly 2014 – Out of the mouths of babes – Week 2

We know that Strictly appeals to all ages from 0-101, so I’m letting beautiful ballet and dance obsessed 4 year old, Bella, give her views on every show each week. This week we’ve been battling with the “E” word in our house, so our review is distinctly unbiased (even though she really wants to get the glitterball to Grimsby!) I took a few minutes out of her busy day colouring in, sprinkling glitter and pretending to be a princess to ask her her thoughts on last night’s dances.

👩 Mummy (Me) : So Bella. What did you think of last night’s show?
👸 Bella: Well mummy! It was sparkly, fun and everyone danced really well. They all were so good, nobody should go home!
👩: Someone will have to go home tonight though sweetie. Who do you think it should be?
👸: Craig! Because he was being grumpy and mean!
👩: Only couples can go poppet. Craig needs to stay as he’s a judge!
👸: Well, Darcey and Len should teach him to be nicer as it’s not nice to be horrible to people when they’re trying their hardest.
👩: So we saw Thom and Iveta dancing first. What did you think of their dance?
👸: I liked Iveta’s swimming costume. They looked like they were having lots of fun dancing Salsa together. I didn’t think the judges were nice to Thom as he was first to dance, so must have been very nervous. I’ll give him my bunny rabbit next week as she helps me relax when I get scared. I’d give him a 7/10.
👩: Mummy agrees completely. The next couple we saw were Jenny and Tristan dancing a Waltz. What did you think of them?
👸: Jenny looked like a princess dancing with her Prince Charming. They come from Eye-land (Ireland) and live in a castle! I really liked their dance and she was doing her best but the judges were really mean to her again.
👩: I’m not sure they live in a castle together, but they did do their best. What score would you give them, sweetie?
👸: Because she looked pretty, I’ll give her a 7/10. You let me vote for her too, mummy! I hope she doesn’t go home.
👩: Don’t worry sweetie. I think she’ll be safe. What did you think of Simon and Kristina’s Tango?
👸: I don’t like the Tango as they always look scary and grumpy.
👩: Tango is supposed to look that way, sweetheart.
👸: If it is, they did a good job. I liked Kristina’s dress too! I give them an 8/10.
👩: Onto our next couple, Gregg and Aliona. What did you think of that dance, Bella?
👸: I liked it because he baked a cake and gave it to Aliona which is nice. They looked like they were having lots of fun and I wanted to join in too. I wasn’t watching their dance too much as I was dancing, but I really liked it. I’d give them a 6/10
👩: We then saw Alison and Aljaz’s Foxtrot. What did you think of their dance sweetie?
👸: You need to like foxes to dance the foxtrot well. I think she danced it really well because she borrowed Kevin from Grimsby’s glasses. They make you dance better. She must like foxes too! She gets a 7/10 from me
👩: She must do, sweetheart. We then saw Jake and Janette’s Salsa! What did you think of that dance?
👸: (impersonates Craig Revel Horwood) It was a-may-zing mummy! Janette needed the hammock to lie down in, as she must have been really tired after all those lifts. You said Jake looked like a snake mummy, but I don’t think so, he looks like a person! I give him a 10/10(For the record, I called him Snakehips Jakey!)
👩: We then saw Judy and Anton dancing a Cha Cha Cha… (gets interrupted!)
👸: NO mummy! They weren’t dancing, they were playing tennis and dancing!
👩: Ok, dancing and playing tennis then. What did you think of it?
👸: I liked her dress and she knows how to hit the ball (and the camera too!) I wasn’t too sure about her dancing as she didn’t look like she was having too much fun. She needs my rabbit to help her relax and then she’ll do really well. The judges were too mean to her as well. I’d give her a 6/10.
👩: Next were Caroline and Pasha dancing a Tango. What did you think of this dance?
👸: I liked Caroline’s dress. She looked really grumpy which you said is how she’s supposed to look. I liked the dance too. I’d give her 8/10
👩: For the next dance we saw Tim and Natalie dancing a waltz. What did you think of their dance?
👸: Natalie IS a princess mummy! She must be Cinderella. I’m not sure if Tim is a prince, but I really liked their dance. I’m not sure why it made you cry though mummy. You shouldn’t be upset, because it was a nice dance! I gave them 7/10
👩: Mummy cried happy tears sweetheart. *gets cuddled* Thank you for giving mummy lots of cuddles though, they helped.
👸: You’re welcome mummy. Can we move on now, I’m getting bored?
👩: OK sweetie. We then saw Sunetra and Brendan with a cheeky cha-cha-cha.
👸: I really liked this lady as she was having lots of fun. She’s also really busy and reminds me a little bit of Belle from last year (she means Susanna.) and can dance really well. She gets 8/10 from me.
👩: I agree with you poppet. We then saw Mark and Karen dancing an American Smooth. What did you think of their dance?
👸: I LOVED it! I want Karen’s dress as she looked like Princess Jasmine. I think I need to grow up a bit to wear it though, so I’m working on it. They looked magical and sparkly together and danced really well. I give them a 9/10.
👩: Next up were Scott and Joanne with their Tango. What did you think of it?
👸: Scott looked like he was dancing in wellies in the mud mummy. (I think she means stompy) He tried his hardest and didn’t look too grumpy. The music was nice too. I really liked them and voted for them too. I think he did a lot better than last week. I give him a 6/10.
👩: We then saw Pixie and Trent dance their Waltz together. What did you think of their dance this week?
👸: They looked beautiful and she looked like a ballerina mummy. I want to dance like her when I’m taller. I give her a 9/10.
👩: What did you think of Steve and Ola’s cha cha cha sweetie?
👸: I like Steve because he’s always happy and looks like he’s having lots of fun. He danced really well too, so I don’t think the judges were watching the same dance. I give him a 7/10.
👩: I agree sweetie. He always looks very enthusiastic. *explains what enthusiastic means to a 4 year old.*
👸: Yes mummy. Now are you going to ask me about my favourite the next couple?
👩: Of course sweetie! What did you think of Frankie and Kevin with their Charleston?
👸: I was slightly confused. Last year they made him dress up as a doggy for his Charleston. This year they made him dress up as fozzy bear from the muppets, but he didn’t look like fozzy bear.
👩: They turned him into the Fonz from Happy Days *shows her pictures of Happy Days!*
👸: That makes more sense mummy. I wonder what they’ll make him dress up as next year for a Charleston. I really liked this dance and it looked like they had lots of fun. For me, I’d give them a 9/10.
👩: Thank you Bella. Who were your favourites last night?
👸: I liked them all, but I liked Jake and Janette and Frankie and Kevin best. Can I make a poll again?
👩Of course you can Bella. We’ll decide on which dance our followers thought was best and reveal the answer on Thursday. All you have to do is vote in the poll below to choose top 3 routines this week. Get voting people!

We’ll be back at 7.20pm with a Results show chat. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie and Bella 🙂


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