Strictly 2014 – It Takes two – Show 10 recap

On last night’s it takes two we watched Zoe’s sequinned jacket with envy (we want one!) We also saw Jenny and Tristan, Pixie and Trent! Mark and Karen and a Friday panel with Richard Arnold, Sara Cox and Donny Osmond. We learnt that the It Takes Two production team dance to Grease in their spare time.

We firstly saw Jenny and Tristan and heard:
1) Jenny was glad to be in the dance off to perform her dance again. She went wrong.
2) Tristan speaks and sings his own language in training.
3) They dancing an ABBA inspired foxtrot (complete with jumpsuits!)

Pixie and Trent then joined Zoe in the hub. We learnt:
1) Pixie found ballroom technique harder than Latin. She’s been unlearning technique she used to learn.
2) They’ve been working hard.
3) They’re dancing a Beauty and the Beast inspired quickstep which looks amazing. Trent is being a candlestick (and not repeating Kevin’s charleston disguise last year!)

Mark and Karen smoothly sat on the sofa next. We learnt:
1) Mark struggled with posture and nerves last week.
2) Karen compared Mark to a swan “just fly and be free!”
3) He hasn’t banned his family from coming to see the show
4) He’s doing the Paso and is scaring karen!
5) He used to pretend to be superman as a child and seems to pretend to do the same now.

Our Friday panel (Richard Arnold, Sara Cox and Donny Osmond) this week came along and we heard that
1) Donny was super excited about appearing on the panel.
2) Richard thinks we may have an all boy final.
3) Sara loves Caroline and wants to put Judy in a mangle (to loosen her up!)
4) Donny is glad he never danced in front of Craig.
5) They think Thom needs more swivel action and to give it more!
6) Richard can no longer listen to Shirley Bassey after his foxtrot fiasco in 2012.
7) They think Judy will be in the bottom two.

That was last night’s It Takes Two. We’re back tonight from 6.30pm for a Strictly chat.

Cassie 😊


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