Strictly 2014 – Movie Night Performance Recap

Tonight, Strictly took us on a trip to the cinema. We grabbed our (glitter coated) popcorn, pick and mix and drink, then sat down in our comfy seat ready for an evening filled with fun, film-inspired dancing. Tonight’s review is brought to you by me and my super strictly fan Bella.

The show opened with a fab-u-lous routine, full of singing and great dancing from our pros, celebs and judges. It proved that there really is no business like showbusiness and Strictly of course!

Tonight we had 5 judges with Donny Osmond joining the panel as guest judge (and leaving our judge’s table looking a little crammed!) We learnt it’d be possible for some couples to earn 40 points tonight *jumps up and down like a crazy person.*

First up tonight were Alison and Aljaz with a Footloose themed and fancy free Jive. It was balloon filled, bouncy and bubbly. We loved it and Alison’s joy and love of dancing showed through during the performance. Bella loved the balloons and thought it was a birthday party! For us, we both gave her a 7/10. Our judges felt it lacked bounce and precision. She scored 28/50.

Next up we had Steve and Ola with a Jungle Book inspired Quickstep. We loved Ola’s dress and the choreography and dancing were fabulous. They were quick, light, bright and fantastic. For Bella she thought they ran faster than cheetahs and should get a medal at the Strictly Olympics (we’re not sure if such a thing exists, but if it did it’d be fab-u-lous.) We scored them a fabulous 8/10. Our judges gave them 34/50.

We then took a trip to Greece to see Jenny and Tristan with their ABBA inspired foxtrot. We felt it was her best performance but were a little confused by it. It wasn’t very foxtrotty. Bella thought she looked like she was painting the studio! For us we gave her 6/10. Our judges were disappointed and gave them 23/50.

We then saw Simon and Kristina dancing a romantic Rumba. Rumba is notoriously difficult for male celebrities but we felt he did a great job. For Bella, she didn’t really watch the dance but wondered why Kristina was wearing his shirt “is she cold mummy?” We gave them 7/10. Our judges felt it lacked passion and awarded them 30/50.

Judy and Anton then stepped onto the Dancefloor hoping that Rain wouldn’t stop play for them. They were dancing the quickstep. We felt Judy was better in hold and looked very glamorous in gold. It was one of her better dances. We awarded her 5/10. Our judges gave her 23/50 and were very disappointed with Craig describing her as “rigor mortis.”

Tim and Natalie then proved that money makes the world go round and that he was deserving of best Oscar for headgear. They were dancing Charleston. He tried his hardest and Natalie’s choreography was good. He captured the character perfectly even if his dancing wasn’t great. Bella thought he was trying to be a penguin! We scored him 5/10. Our judges gave him 22/50. If he does get through to next week, we cannot wait to see his Paso Doble!

Caroline and spaceman Pasha then landed on planet Strictly to dance the Rumba. Wow! It was amazing, romantic and beautiful. We loved it and awarded them 8/10. Our judges felt the same and gave them 42/50.

We then moved from the sublime to the very strange with a Little Mermaid inspired Samba from Scott and Joanne. He was dressed as a crab, she looked gorgeous as Ariel (from Grimsby!) He tried his hardest but the judges were a little crabby and awarded them 25/50. We gave him a 5/10. Bella loved it and started shimmying along although she admitted that the judges should be nicer as being a crab is hard work!

Frankie and Kevin then showed us their Paso skills. Last year Kevin’s Paso with Susanna topped the leaderboard and this year he did the same. The performance was amazing, the dance was dramatic, passionate and near perfect. Kevin choreographed a great routine. We’re now pretty sure the Paso is from Grimsby and not from Spain. We scored it 10/10. Our judges gave it 45/50 and the first 10 of the series.

Pixie and Trent then whisked us away to the fairytale land of Beauty and the Beast and invited us to be their guest during their quickstep. It was beautiful and had some really tricky choreography which Pixie mastered. We loved it and Bella’s reaction involved lots of screaming and excited jumping around. We gave them a 9/10. Our judges scored it 43/50.

Thom and Iveta then wowed us with a brilliant Charleston. Dressed as a sailor boy he definitely floated our boat. Thom showed some personality this week and we loved it. We gave him a 7/10. Our judges awarded him 38/50.

Our penultimate couple were Sunetra and Brendan dancing an American Smooth. This dance was effortlessly smooth, glamorous and gorgeous. We loved it and gave it an 8/10. Bella thought she looked like a princess. Our judges loved it and gave them 40/50.

The final couple to produce a blockbuster of a performance were Superman Mark and Karen with their Paso Doble. It was dramatic, powerful and entertaining. Our judges seemed a little confused by the performance. We loved it. Bella was a little upset at first as she thought Karen was hurt, but then Mark came to the rescue so she was happy. We thought they deserved a 7/10. Our judges awarded them 35/50.

And that’s a wrap on tonight’s show. We’ll be here tomorrow from 7.20pm for a results show chat when one couple will be cut from the cast of 2014. We’d love to find out who got your vote tonight, what you thought of the show and who you think will go home. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 😊


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