11 Things I Love About Claudia Winkleman

You Lucky, Lucky Girl

The Twitterspehre went mad, I tell you, MAD when Claudia Winkleman was announced as Brucie’s replacement when he retired from Strictly Come Dancing earlier this year. Two ladies presenting prime time, Saturday night television? WHY DID NO ONE THINK OF THIS BEFORE! And why hasn’t it? It is a tad ridiculous that in 2014 it’s a big deal when two ladies front a big time telly show. But then, the world was obviously waiting for Claudia Winkleman.  I’ve been a fan of Winkles for a really, really, really long time and I’m so bloody happy the world, or at least, the British Isles are now realising what a heavy fringed, super eyelinered dame she really is.

1. She loves baking.

2.  She’s not afraid to show her emotions.

3. She has unconventional ways of getting her friends’ attention.

4. She presents Strictly with the giddiness of a children’s TV presenter.

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