Strictly Come Dancing 12 Week 4 Performance Summary

The mighty mighty Monk Seal

So theoretically, given that most of the contestants were at least a little flat, this week’s show should have been a lot less fun than usual, but for some reason I loved it! Maybe it was just in comparison with last week, with its poor pacing and overwhelming theming and general…Donnyness, but all of the couples brought something interesting to the table this week, even if it was just their famous children.

With such a lot of stuff going on, it was probably the front-runners that suffered the most. All of the putative final four danced well, but all of their dances were missing something. Frankie’s cha cha lacked a little personality, Caroline’s quickstep lacked an ability to handle her great big oversized fairground props with anything like aplomb, Jake’s jive lacked a little coherence and control, and Pixie’s rumba lacked…well rumba, says Len. It did feel a bit like…

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