Wednesday Warm-Up – It may be Halloween soon, but there are no tricks here, only treats!

Halloween is creeping up on us and with the Strictly Halloween Special this weekend, we’re extra excited!

On Wednesdays, those of you who are new to our blog may not know, we like to show you a dance from the Strictly Archives which relieves your hump day blues.

Today, we thought we’d mix things up and treat you to not just one dance, but two dances. Yes, it’s time for our Halloween Dance Duel, where we show you two amazing Charlestons from Halloween which really captured what Strictly is all about, and then we’ll ask you to choose your ultimate favourite of the two dances.

For the first of our dances today, we’re taking you back to see a spellbinding dance from Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor. Although not technically perfect, the characterisation and entertainment value in this dance were infectious and we really loved it. Robin playing the geek perfectly and was truly under Lisa’s spell.

For the second of our dances we took you on a trip to the pictures to see a creepily captivating Charleston from Susanna Reid and Kevin (the werewolf from Grimsby) Clifton. This dance can only be described in several words, fab-u-lous, fun, a-may-zing, expressive and well words can’t describe Kevin dressed up as a werewolf. We loved this dance and it was one of our favourite ever Halloween performances.

Both these dances are truly amazing, but in true Strictly Support Group style, we know there’s only one way to pick the ultimate winner, and that’s with a poll! Just vote in this poll below to pick your favourite of the two dances and we’ll reveal it after 8pm tonight.

Get voting!

We’d love to hear what you thought of both these Charlestons. Comment in the box below to let us know.

Have a great day!

Cassie 🙂


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