Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 6 Performance Summary

The mighty mighty Monk Seal

So most important things first – Claudia can’t be with us this evening because one of her children is unwell. The very idea of Hallowe’en without Claudia is a bit like Christmas without Santa, Thanksgiving without turkey and Easter without chocolate-bloat. We should have known that something would be a bit off tonight even before it happened. Not that Zoe doesn’t cover for her well but…CLAUDIA IS HALLOWE’EN.

That’s not to say that some people don’t seize the inherent campness of Strictly’s Annual Hallowe’en Dance Spectacular by the scruff of the neck and deliver. Alison Hammond makes an AMAZINGLY wafty Catherine Earnshawe from Wuthering Heights as she channels Kate Bush for a delirious American Smooth that’s so amazingly bonkers that I almost don’t even notice Aljaz is back on his very best trouser-game. Almost. Caroline & Pasha doing a disco-zombie-samba is so many layers of overtheming that it becomes a…

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