Strictly 2014 – It’s Goodbye to Team Radio JoJo

Last night, Scott and Joanne became the latest of our couples to wave goodbye to the ballroom. Scott and Joanne (or Ariel from Grimsby as she’s known in our house) have entertained us over the last 6 weeks. Jo has taught Scott so much, he tried so hard week after week and he really improved! They have truly made us smile, laugh and weep tears of joy every week!

As my lovely lovely (and wise beyond her years!) 4 year old said “It’s not like they lost or came last mummy. They should be happy because they had lots of fun, danced and are going to be friends for ever and ever!”

We will miss seeing these two and it’s obvious they’ll remain friends for life! We’d like this to be a tribute to them. Leave your comments below and we’ll make sure they see it:


Cassie πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Strictly 2014 – It’s Goodbye to Team Radio JoJo”

  1. @joanneclifton @scott_mills you were a special partnership & we loved seeing what you brought to the floor each week, we enjoyed it & could really see how hard you were trying; you did grow & entertained while you did – what more could we ask πŸ™‚ miss you x

  2. Scott and Joanne, you were the couple I most looked forward to seeing each week because you were improving every week and watching you never failed to make me smile. It was easy to see how hard you were trying and how much you were enjoying your time on the show, and also how well the two of you get on, which made you a joy to watch. The pair of you are so wonderful and adorable together, you’ll definitely be missed on the show! β™₯

  3. Everything about scott and jojo made me smile from their first meeting til their last favourite dance was the charleston and Scott carrying jo over his shoulder.every week they were under marked especially by Craig. 2s &3s were a joke.scott improved week on week and would have continued to improve umlike some of the other contestants.scott should be so proud of himself and jojo is just the loveliest person in the world . we’re gonna miss u and will never forget you

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