Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 7 Performance Summary

The mighty mighty Monk Seal

So I’m not really sure how to recap a non-theme show any more, because I forgot that they occasionally don’t have one, so let’s try these on for size.

Heart FM Daytime Playlist Week : Bobby Darin, The Commodores, Frank Sinatra, John Legend, Barrie Manilow, Connie Francis, The Beatles and Kings Of Leon. Nuff said. It comes to something when Judy Murray is bringing the SUBVERSIVE EDGE, with a paso doble to The Clash to “I Fought The Law” in which she is Judge Judy (no really) sentencing Anton to several years hard labour for unnecessary lifts. Well if Len et al aren’t going to do it… It’s hard to tell which is the most mawkish, but I do know that Sunetra doing a cheesy foxtrot to “All Of Me”, Caroline doing a cheesier waltz to “Three Times A Lady” and Mark doing a SUPER ULTIMATE MEGA-CHEESY WALTZ to “Weekend…

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