Strictly 2014 – A Day In The Life Of An Audience Member.

If you, like us have sat down at home wondering what going to a Strictly show is like, one of our lovely followers (the lovely Emma from @hcbkidsdigital) went along to the show last Saturday and wrote us a diary. Here is her day as it happened:

Woke up this morning with the same excitement I have on Christmas Day except my Christmases don’t normally include a rumba and a jive (although maybe they should!). The all-important glamming up started with a bath whilst listening to Heart FM, of course!

After many texts to my sisters and the boyfriend trying (bless him) to help, I left home with two pairs of shoes as I couldn’t decide which ones to wear… Arrived at St Pancras station with 10 minutes to spare and spotted a perfect pair of sparkly gold high heels in Dune. So, hilariously, set off to Strictly with three pairs of shoes!!

Met my best friend at Elstree station and it was so easy to spot the other Strictly fans on the platform too with all their sequins! It’s a smart dress code in the studio with no jeans or trainers, it’s so lovely to see the men glammed up too.

We were guests of the lovely BBC so arrived in the green room for a glass (or two!!) of cava before the show. Our phones were taken from us so sadly no photos until after the event, but we did spot Anneka Rice and Wayne Bridge, and the beautiful Frankie came in to see her friends and family. Also, met some of the amazing Armed Forces who attended for Remembrance Day.

We were invited into the studio and were sat on the balcony right opposite the judges, so had a great view of the dance floor.

Katharine Jenkins came on first to sing the song for Sunday’s show. Ola and Pasha’s dance was simply beautiful.

There was a great warm-up guy who really got the crowds going and clapping at the right times! Tess and Zoe then came on set to say ‘hello’. They both look stunning but, for me, Zoe won the dress competition this week.

At last the live show started! Clapping in time is not my strong point, so I desperately tried to follow the crowds…

The atmosphere in the studio was electric as Tess and Zoe came down the stairs. Highlights for me were Simon Webbe and Pixie Lott (fro the best dances) and Frankie Bridge’s La Bamba (as it is my family’s song!). Also, Steve’s arms were pretty impressive too!

All the pro dancers are incredible, but I still think Kristina is the best.

And what a treat! Just as Saturday’s show finished, it was time to record Sunday’s show (after a quick Kit-kat break)!

We saw the professional dance three times – the first time we didn’t clap loud enough and the second time the gorgeous Natalie got her shoe caught in her outfit! The professional dancers are so amazing and it was an absolute treat to see them dance live.

The results show is really nerve-racking and you can see the dancers literally shaking. I thought the bottom two would be Judy and Alison, so it was a bit of a shock to see Caroline there!

Very sad to see Alison and Aljaz go… they were such a great partnership and everyone had a tear in their eye as they said goodbye.

Headed off to the green room for more cava! It soon filled with the professional dancers and celebs. We tried to act cool and calm, but that didn’t last long and we were soon stalking the dancers, especially the gorgeous Aljaz. Got a photo with Steve Backshall for our digital director’s sons and a few more for me with Aljaz, Brendan, Kevin and Craig himself!


A group of the professionals were outside having a cigarette so we decided to chat outside in the cold (even though we don’t smoke!).

12.31pm – I was having so much fun that I had forgotten all about the time and just managed to catch the last train back to London. What a great evening. Thanks to the BBC for the pure joy of Strictly Come Dancing. It is THE best entertainment show on TV.

Thank you Emma for that great review. It sounds fab-u-lous, just like your wonderful App! If you’ve been or are going to a dance show soon let us know by tweeting @scd_support or emailing us at We’d love to hear from you.

You can download the official Strictly Come Dancing kids app at: Look at the pictures and fun you can make. Bella calls this Ariel and friends doing the Samba (that’s a crab incase you wonder what the red thing is!)


Cassie 🙂


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