Show Review – Dance ‘Til Dawn

The other day, my lovely friend Serene invited me (along with her mum) to go and see Vincent and Flavia’s amazing show on stage. Sadly, one poorly little lady meant I was unable to go, but Serene kindly agreed to review the show for us. Here is what she thought:

The Argentine Tango has always been one of our favourite dances on Strictly and for us, no two professionals perform it better than the amazing Vincent and Flavia!

Ever since they introduced us to the dance in 2005 on Strictly, we have become massive fans of theirs and miss them on Saturday nights. So when I heard they had extended their Dance ‘Til Dawn tour and were performing in London, I couldn’t resist booking tickets for my mum (a huge Vincent fan) and me.

The beautiful and historic Aldwych Theatre hosts this brilliant show. We have to add their customer service is second to none and credit goes out to two ladies, Christina and Kym, who both helped my mum access the venue and enjoy the show in comfort.

Onto the show. Dance ’til Dawn takes place in 1940’s LA where unlucky in love Sadie Strauss (Flavia) and Tony Di Luca (Vincent) fall for one another and find themselves unintentionally involved in a Murder Mystery. There show is essentially a musical filled with beautiful dance moments. There are comedy moments, mainly provided by the narrator, Private Investigator Tommy Dubrowski and Lana Clemenza, romantic moments, dramatic moments and emotional ones too.

The dancing is divine, and there are dances in there for any Strictly fan from a cheeky Charleston (featuring Vincent in a Dress – nice legs Mr Simone!) to an emotional and superb showdance to Mi Manquara which will tug at your heartstrings. There is also a delicate yet manly and powerful cell block Paso Doble and of course a spectacular smoky, passionate, steamy Argentine Tango finale, which was worth the ticket price itself alone. Credit has to go to Karen Bruce, Vincent and Flavia for putting together such brilliant and creative routines.

The live band and singers add to the atmosphere and are absolutely flawless. There are some crowd pleasing swing and jazz songs in there, straight from the 40s which give the whole show a vintage Hollywood glamour feel as well as some of your favourite Strictly songs, which will have you dancing along in your seat.

Credit also has to go to the wonderful Vicky Gill who is the costume designer. I was most definitely born in the wrong decade as I love 1940s fashion and every single outfit on stage gave me dress envy.

The show doesn’t take itself too seriously and the comedy moments mixed in with dance make it perfect entertainment for the whole family. For my mum, a wannabe theatre critic who is very hard to please, she loved it and felt the storyline, dancing, music and costumes were all brilliant. She felt the finale was perfect and showed all the things an Argentine Tango should be! She also loved the way that Flavia and Vincent didn’t speak, but spoke volumes of emotion through dance and it reminded her of an old-fashioned silent movie.

We both felt we were in 1940s heaven, loved it and would definitely go and see the show again. Although we miss them on the show, it’s easy to see why Flavia and Vincent decided to tour with their own show. With a great storyline, amazing dancing, music and costumes, this show has to be our favourite ever dance show yet! Now when can we go back to see the show again?


Dance ’til Dawn is playing at the Aldwych Theatre until the 3rd January 2015 and after that will be embarking on a UK Tour. For more information, please visit

Thank you Serene for reviewing that show. It’s got me really excited to see it, I can’t wait. If you’ve been to see this or any other show, we’d love to hear from you. Tweet us @scd_support, comment below or comment on our facebook page (Strictly Support Group.)



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