Strictly 2014 – Blackpool Performance Week Through The Eyes Of 4yr Old Bella

Hello, it’s Bella again! Mummy let me takeover twitter tonight. She said it makes me powerful, but I still feel little, so I think she lied to me. She doesn’t know yet, but I voted lots, but that can be our secret, can’t it? Anyway, she’s also let me review tonight’s performances. Here’s what I thought of them.

The show opened with a magical routine. I want to go to Blackpool. Daddy told me to close my eyes and when I opened them I’d be there. It didn’t happen, so I was very cross! *stomps feet and pulls a paso face!*

First up were my favourites Frankiestein and Kevin with a Quickstep. Frankie looked like she was wearing a picnic blanket and daddy thought Kevin looked like Rupert the Bear. I don’t know who he is, but he didn’t look like a bear to me, he looked like Kevin from Grimsby.

They looked really fast, faster than daddy’s car! I really liked this dance and for me they deserved a 10. They were given 37/40 by the judges.

Next up were Janette and Jake with an American Smooth. I really like Janette, because she looks like a princess, but I think they didn’t tell her she had torn her dress, which was mean. My boyfriend at school is called Jake, but he can’t dance. I liked her lifts and the dancing was good. I gave them a 9/10 and our judges gave them 36/40.


Sunetra and Brendan then had a chicken hen party on the Dancefloor! I still don’t understand what a hen party is, but daddy said it has nothing to do with chickens. Zoe seemed to think it did. I think daddy wasn’t telling the truth. I liked their samba, as they looked like they were having fun but she needs to wear more pink! I gave them 7/10, our judges gave them 30/40.

Simon and Kristina then performed an Argentine Tango. Daddy didn’t let me watch it as I’m too little, but the judges seemed to like it and Darcey couldn’t stop talking. I think she needed to eat some cake! Daddy says I can watch it when I’m older. I’d give them a 10/10. Our judges gave them 38/40


Next up were a Judy and Anton. She can fly and I liked her dress. She also gave the judges Candy Floss and Craig a Donut. I like her, she seems nice. She danced better than normal. I gave her 6/10. Our judges gave her 24/40.


Mark and Karen then performed a magical Charleston! It was really good and Mark didn’t hurt Karen! I liked her shoes, but daddy says I might be a bit little for them. They danced really well and I voted for them once twice three four times. I gave them 10/10 and the judges gave them 36/40. I like Karen’s face in this picture, she looks like I do when I’m naughty!


Pixie and Trent then dressed up as a donkey to have a donkey ride on the promenade. I want to have a donkey ride everyday until Christmas. They also performed a Paso Doble. Last year I really liked Belle and Kevin’s Paso Doble and this year Pixie and Trent performed another Paso. This one was just as good. For me, I still loved Susanna and Kevin’s dance more and they’re my favourites. Mummy wants you to vote for your favourite of the two.


They got 38/40 and I think they deserved a 10 because she looked very grumpy. Bruno said she looked invisible, but I could see her. I think he needs to borrow Kevin’s glasses next week.

Steve and Ola then performed an American Smooth. I like Steve because he likes animals and he gives Ola lots of piggy backs. *asks Daddy for a piggy back!* I’d give them an 8/10.

Caroline and Pasha Then performed a Jive. Pasha looked like a teddybear. I like him. I didn’t understand why they weren’t dressed as crocodiles though. They looked like they were having great fun! For me I gave them a 10. Our judges gave them 37/40.


Then it was bedtime for me. I’m only 4 so I was very tired. Who were your favourites tonight? Vote in this poll to let me and mummy know. We love you all lots and lots:

Mummy will be back tomorrow night for a Results show chat. We hope you can join us then.

Bella and Mummy!


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