Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 8 Results Summary

The mighty mighty Monk Seal

It’s a jam-packed Results Show this week, with the show trying to make the most of the Blackpool floor before we all have to pack up and go back to miserable ol’ London and the normal studio, where Pixie will only score, like, 35 and we’ll call it the Blackpool Hangover. (I just looked at last year’s Blackpool Hangover week line-up. Oy). To that end we have two guest performers and a giant free-roaming pro/celeb routine to a Jackson 5 medley. It has basically the same theme as Natalie Gumede’s Blackpool Charleston but with added “Judy Murray swigging champagne”. Which I am all in favour of. Our two guest stars? Shirley Bassey and the entity known as McBusted. One of them comes across as a tragic old has-been luvvie clinging on way past their best and with their voice shot to pieces. And it’s not the one you might think.

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