It Takes Two – Tuesday 18th November 2014

On last night’s It Takes Two, we saw Sunetra and Brendan, the return of “Miss Benidorm/New Zealand” Karen Hardy and Pixie and Trent, who all stepped into Zoe’s lair for a half-hour of glittery fun!

First up were Pixie and Trent. We learnt that:
1) They both loved Blackpool as they could really feel the crowd roar! 🐯
2) Trent’s loving choreographing something new and being able to challenge Pixie.
3) Pixie loved dancing with 3 handsome boys!
4) She also loved Simon and Kristina’s Argentine Tango of all the other dances in Blackpool.
5) This week they’re dancing a Charleston this week and are bruised but looking forward to lifts.

A radiantly glowing Karen Hardy then came along to give her verdict on the weekend’s show. We learnt:
1) She loved Frankie.
2) She felt Jake and Simon were still and in control.
3) She loves Sunetra and felt she is glamorous and does the best voltas (it makes her sound like a chef more than someone competing in a dance show, we know!)
4) She loves Mark’s foot swivelling and commitment to dance.
5) She loved Pixie’s attack and found her captivating
6) She feels Steve needs light and shade.
7) She felt Caroline was undermarked and deserved more 10s (we agree!)

Sunetra and Brendan then joined Zoe on the glittery sofa. We learnt:
1) Sunetra knew she would be in the dance off.
2) She is praying to the god of ankle strength.
3) They’re dancing waltz this week.
4) They have their own language bababa bi bo ba ba ba (if you didn’t watch the show this will sound alien to you!)

And that was last night’s It Takes Two.

Cassie πŸ™‚


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