Strictly 2014 – Week 9 Performance Review

Warning: This review may lead to uncontrolled crying and a need for excess Kleenex!

Tonight’s Strictly is a show that left us feeling a tad emosh. The lovely Claudia was back where she belonged in the Clauditorium and we wanted to give her a cuddle on several occasions. She was warmly welcomed by all the audience, the twitterverse, the pros, celebs, judges and Tess, as well as Bryan the Donkey (eeyore!)

It was also emotional as we learnt there are just 4 weeks until the final! *sobs* Just 8 couples remain and it’s so hard to choose anyone to send home. Tonight’s show was a wonderful show even if the judges were slightly grumpy! Hairy Dave (who can sort of dance), Mary Berry (who can dance) and Antony Costa (who can do the shoulder shuffle) all sat together in the audience for what was a fab-u-lous show! Here are our thoughts on the performances.

Steve and Ola’s Jive Wearing a 10 on your shirt is never a good omen in the dance. For sheer energy and enthusiasm we’d have awarded him a 10/10, however sadly the technique was a little bit disapopinting. We gave them a 7! Our judges gave them 23/40.

Caroline and Pasha’s American Smooth We have officially fallen in love with Pasha even more than we did before. This routine oozed glamour, elegance and had sparkle. Pasha’s choreography was brilliant as ever and he looked so stylish in his tails. My 4 yr old commented he looked like Pasha the Penguin! Caroline is turning into a professional dancer and being able to recover as she did was commendable. Look out everyone, Flacky is back in town! For us, we gave them a 9. Our judges awarded them 33/40. We have a feeling they needed some Haribo (or something stronger) to make them less grumpy!

Pixie and Trent’s Charleston We love Charlestons! For us the choreography in this routine was amazing, and I loved Pixie’s costume. My 4 yr old was slightly unsure about it, saying “mummy she’s wearing too much glitter!” This dance was technically brilliant, full of high kicks and detail and if Moulin Rouge is to become a musical, we’d want to see this routine in the show. For us they deserved a 10. Our judges awarded them 37/40. Best comment had to be this…. Pixie : “Bruno always stands up” Claudia : “Not when he’s sleeping!”

Mark and Karen’s Tango When we heard the song these two were dancing to, we were super super excited! We were unsure if Mark could do angry as he seems lovely, but he was mean, moody, dark and mysterious. Karen’s choreography was creative and imaginative. Her dress was amazing and gave us serious dress envy. For us, given their lack of training, they performed brilliantly. We gave them a 9/10. Our judges awarded them 32/40.

Frankie and Kevin’s Viennese Waltz Despite suffering with dizziness Frankie wowed us with an elegant and purrfect dance. Her dress was stunning, Kevin’s choreography was exceptional. They both looked like two purrfectly preened kittens with quiffs! It was natural, beautiful and the cat’s whiskers. We gave them a 10, and our judges gave them 38/40
(inserts picture of a cat with a quiff!)


Warning: Snakeyjakey is back and Danny Dyer gives dance tips. Jake and Janette’s Samba This dance was pure entertainment. My unborn baby loved it and we were macarena-ing along at home. Jake’s snakehips were back. It was pure joy and absolutely crazy. My 4 year old can now macarena and we think that half the UK female population may need cooling down with a bucket of ice. Our favourite part had to be Janette singing along to Macarena half-way through! For us we gave them an 8/10. Our judges awarded them 38/40!

Sunetra and Brendan’s Waltz For us, Sunetra always looks beautiful in hold. We really loved this dance and it was full of elegance, style and romance. It left us feeling a little teary-eyed. Sunetra’s dress was beautiful as usual. Brendan’s choreography was beautiful and she performed it brilliantly, even though there were a few stumbles. She sparkled and shone. For us she deserved a 9/10. Our judges awarded them 30/40.

Simon and Kristina’s Salsa This dance was pure fun and had us dancing along at home. Credit to Kristina for bringing Simon out of his shell. The choreography was brilliant and had a true party feel to it. He looked really comfortable, relaxed and like he was having so much fun. They saved the best till last. For us they deserved a 10/10. Our judges awarded them 36/40.

And that closed tonight’s show. In true Strictly Support Group style we’d love to hear what your favourite dance was. Just vote in this poll below and we’ll reveal the results just before tomorrow night’s Results show. Hope you can join us then:

Cassie ๐Ÿ™‚


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