That Thing What Len Said V : Season Of The Witch

The mighty mighty Monk Seal

And so we gather, as we must every year around this time, to remember that time that Len said that thing. That thing about Lisa Snowdon being the greatest female dancer never to win Strictly Come Dancing. Over the years, the tone of the gathering has (mostly) changed from a veritable gale of scoffing at Lisa Snowdon’s supposed talents into a celebration of the true leading lights in the Circus Of Wuzzrobbed. Crushed at the last by their awkward personalities, their pros’ dodgy choreography, the producers giving them a dodgy dance-draw, or even the judges deciding that this was DEFINITELY GOING TO BE A YEAR OF THE WOMAN AFTER ALL PATRICK ROBINSON LOL OOPS BYE. These really are the Trus Stars of Strictly. The ones that haunt the ballroom forever, moaning and praying for a Xmas Special or an All-Star series to give their lives meaning, like the guests on…

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