Strictly 2014 – Quarter-Final Performance Review

Tonight saw our sensational six couples take to the floor with a mix of dances including an Argentine Tango, A Cha Cha Cha, An American Smooth, A Foxtrot, A Charleston and a Salsa. They all did brilliantly and the competition was really close meaning final positions were all decided with the Waltzathon! I’m being assisted in my review tonight by my lovely, young Strictly Fan, Bella (aged 4.) Her views will be denoted with a princess emoji πŸ‘Έ.

First up were Simon and Kristina with their American Smooth. For us, nobody does glamour quite like Kristina and this dance oozed glamour, style and sophistication. We loved the lifts and choreography and for us Simon was a smooth operator.
πŸ‘Έ Bella’s Verdict. She wasn’t too sure about Simon’s outfit, as he looked like an inside out penguin 🐧.

Our Score: We gave them a 9/10. Our judges awarded the 35/40.

Next to take to the floor were Caroline and Pasha with an Argentine tango which was super fierce. Pasha’s choreography was brilliant and Caroline performed it perfectly. They looked like two professionals and it had attitude, passion, fire and more drama than Eastenders. Olly Murs even popped into rehearsals and had a few steps with Caroline. Note to the Strictly Producers, we’d love to see Olly on the show next year 😍

Bella’s verdict: πŸ‘Έ I wasn’t allowed to see this dance as I’m still too little, but I think they must have been standing outside in the rain or gone swimming for a long time, as they looked really wet!

Our Score: We I gave them a 10/10. Our judges awarded them 39/40.

Our 3rd couple to perform were Pixie and Trent with their Cha Cha Cha. This dance was cheeky, full of lots of tricks and performed to one of our favourite ever songs. They dazzled us with their dancing and bright costumes. It was super fun, fast and as ever, where Pixie’s concerned, danced brilliantly.

Bella’s verdict πŸ‘Έ: I didn’t like this dance because if you’re a zebra you’re supposed to look black and white, not pink. I didn’t like Pixie’s outfit, so I hid behind the sofa and didn’t watch this dance much either.

Our My Score. I gave them a 9/10. Our judges gave them 35/40.

Karen and Mark then performed with the letters L – O – V – E, which as Claudia performed, could have meant they were performing with a vole, which would have been adorable, but also slightly dangerous! *inserts picture of a cute vole*

Their foxtrot was beautiful and for us it was Mark’s best dance by far. Karen’s choreography was beautiful. It was classy, elegant, smooth and all the things a foxtrot should be. They floated across the ballroom floor gracefully like two beautiful swans.

Bella’s verdict πŸ‘Έ: I liked Karen’s dress. She always looks like a princess. Her and Mark are my favourites and they looked like a prince and princess.

Our score: We gave them a 10/10. Our judges gave them 35/40.

We then went on a trip to the circus with Jake and Janette who performed a showstopper of a Charleston. Janette would look beautiful in a binbag, and her dress/leotard and lipstick were stunning. The choreography was full of lifts, tricks, kicks and flicks and had more drama and entertainment than a trapeze act at the Circus. We really enjoyed it and it’s make us want to go to the circus now *stomps feet like a grumpy child*

Bella’s verdict: πŸ‘Έ I liked this dance as they looked like they were having lots of fun. To be at the circus they need to do more cartwheels and roly-polys.

Our score: We gave them a 10/10. Our judges awarded them 38/40.

Our final couple to perform were Frankie and Kevin. We learnt Kevin had man flu real flu and had been very poorly, so couldn’t go to the Cosmo Awards in his role as honorary Saturday. Poor Kev. He did look poorly, and given the fact he had been unwell, he’d choreographed a great routine which Frankie performed perfectly. It wasn’t a traditional Salsa, but it was still saucy, sexy and sensational. They were the Shimmy King and Queen of the night for us.

Bella’s verdict πŸ‘Έ: I liked this dance, but wanted my mummy to make Kevin better. She makes me banana sandwiches when I’m poorly. I think Kevin would enjoy them! They’re yummy.

Our score: We gave them 9/10. Our judges gave them 34/40 which we felt was very harsh.

After these dances it left Caroline at the Top, Jake in Second, Pixie, Simon and Mark in Joint 3rd and Frankie at the bottom. It was all to play for in the Waltzathon. Claudia certainly was ready for battle to commence:

We were worried about collisions and hoped our couples had obtained appropriate insurance, but were relieved there were no crashes in the Waltzathon.

For us Pixie and Trent, Frankie and Kevin, Simon and Kristina and Pasha and Caroline performed best. Poor Mark and Karen appeared to get trapped on the floor and Jake and Janette looked a little lost. Our judges agreed with our results and this left Caroline and Pasha on top, with Mark and Karen at the bottom. It was a beautiful dance and all our couples looked gaw-jus.


That ended tonight’s show. We’d love to know what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support, comment in the box below or on our facebook page. Who were your favourites? Who do you think are in danger after dancing tonight? Do you think our judges scored the couples fairly? Vote for your favourites in the poll below. We’ll reveal the results tomorrow evening in our pre-results show chat:

Cassie “:)


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