So Long Team Snakey Jan Jakey!

Earlier tonight, The lovely Team Snakey Jan Jakey fell at the final hurdle when they were voted off in a tense dance off with Team Markarena!

For us, Jake and Janette have symbolised everything Strictly is about. Jake has been the surprise and dark horse of the competition. His snakehips along with his week 1 tango, Salsa and Charleston will go down in history as some of the best performances Strictly has ever seen.

Janette’s choreography this year has been phenomenal and creative. It has complimented Jake’s strengths and in their dances there have been moments that have made us smile, moments that have made us feel a tad emosh, moments that have made us get up and dance and moments that have been just amazing.

We’ve loved all their dances and are sad to see their showdance won’t feature in next week’s show. At this stage in the competition, it’s hard for anyone to go, and as the competition was so open, we’d hoped everyone would go through to the final.

Janette was proud of her student and thanked him for making #strictly2014 such an enjoyable experience. Jake was grateful to have got this far without being in the dance off and to have learnt how to dance.

Jake and Janette, thank you for all the amazing dances you’ve performed over the last 12 weeks. We will miss you, here are your best bits:


We’d like this post to become a tribute to Jake and Janette. Comment below with your messages of support for them. We’d also like you to let us know your favourite of their dances. Vote in the poll below and we’ll reveal the result on Wednesday as our Wednesday Warm-Up

Cassie πŸ™‚


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