Tango Tuesday – An Argentine Treat For You All

Strictly has become like watching a sports match in our house. Last Saturday we watched the semi-final eagerly encouraging our favourites from home. We were pretty loud, so we hope they could hear us in Elstree.

All the dances were incredible, but one dance really gave us goosebumps. It was Frankie and Kevin’s amazing Argentine Tango. Our house became so silent you could hear a pin drop *pin drops* and was so intense it gave us goosebumps on top of our goosebumps.

Kevin choreographed a brilliant Argentine Tango routine which Frankie performed perfectly. The classical music really added to the drama, and we secretly want to steal borrow Frankie’s dress, it was gorgeous. The whole performance slotted together to be one of those perfect Strictly moments where music and dance come together and we get lost in the moment. For us, it was that good, it reminded us of Susanna and Kevin’s amazing Paso Doble from Blackpool and we felt they should have been awarded 4 10s!

We loved this dance and hope you love it too. Here are Frankie and Kevin with their amazing Argentine Tango:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance. We have another Tango treat for you on our advent calendar today too. Click here to see what it is:

We’ll be here from 8.30pm tonight with a Strictly Support Group chat and hopefully an announcement from our lovely founder Cassie. See you then!

The Strictly Support Group


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