Well done Frankie and Kevin!

From week 1, Frankie and Kevin showed themselves to be contenders in Strictly 2014. Her ballroom dancing has always been spectacular, however she has really improved her latin.

Week after week, Kevin’s routines were creative and original whilst challenging Frankie. They have been brilliant to watch, especially the Foxtrot, Paso Doble, Tango, Argentine Tango and Jive. Kevin’s teaching has been great too and Frankie made lots of progress.

Frankie proved she can look good in green, can dance a mean Paso Doble, Tango and Argentine Tango and can Jive on a surfboard. She’s also shown that she has the cutest fan club in the world (her baby Parker) who we have a feeling could be a ballroom dancer when he’s older.

Even though they didn’t win tonight, for Kevin to have been the only professional never to have been in the dance off is testament to his great teaching and choreography.

As a partnership, we’re pretty sure they will remain friends for life. We’ve loved watching them dance and cannot wait to see them on the tour.

Frankie and Kevin, thank you for wowing us week after week! Here are some of your best bits:


Comment below with your messages of support for Frankie and Kevin. We’ll make sure they see them.

The Strictly Support Group


3 thoughts on “Well done Frankie and Kevin!”

  1. Kevin you are so amazing and carning 2wards Frankie i love that in you.
    In dancing can you teach anyone 2 dance even if there have health problems, as i would love 2 dance with you n i stuffer from Neurofibromatoisis better say Nf, n i have tumours on my feet. So high shoes r a no at times, plus i’m only 5ft2in. Can u teach me 1 dance plz?
    Love Laura from Hull (big fan of Kevin)
    Frankie, your amazing, i loved every dance you did and the showdance amazing i loved it. Also the paso is my fave.
    wish i could see you both on tour but missed out yet again(5yrs in a row now:-( ) on tickets Frankie what dances who u like 2 do on tour?
    Love Laura from Hull

  2. Congratulations on reaching the final. Your routines have been amazing since week 1. Have a wonderful Christmas. See you in Manchester

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