Well Done Mark and Karen!

We love a contestant who’s had a journey and this couple is no exception. Mark went from being (to quote the man himself) “Marky No Moves” to “Marky Can Move” all thanks to his hard work and amazing teaching from Karen.

For us Mark’s improvement on the show we incredible. From his caterpillar in week 1 to the gorgeously controlled rumba last week we can hardly believe this is the same man who started out on Strictly 12 weeks ago. His love of dancing shone through in each routine and Karen’s creative choreography has made each of their performances a joy to watch.

They may not have won tonight, but have won our hearts with their enthusiasm, energy and that wild and energetic showdance. They will remain Best Friends for Life!

Mark and Karen, thank you for showing us how much fun dancing is. We can’t wait to see you on the tour. Here are some of your best bits:


Comment below with your messages for Team Markarena. We’ll make sure they see them.

The Strictly Support Group


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