Throwback Thursday – Merry Christmas To You All!

So yesterday we revealed that it’s not Christmas until Fairytale of New York has been played on the radio. There’s a film that also reminds us of Christmas, Annie!

Last year two of our fabulous pros, Pasha 😍 and Karen, performed to a beautiful rendition of Tomorrow. It was a dance that truly moved us to tears and left us blubbing into our Christmas dinner (we ended up with turkey soup!)

The choreography was beautiful, the chorister’s voice was angelic and the whole routine just made us want to snuggle up to our loved ones on Christmas Day.

We really loved this dance and are pretty sure that this year’s show will be just as wonderful, if not more than last year’s. Here are Pasha and Karen with their wonderful routine to Tomorrow:

We hope you all enjoyed watching that dance and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We’ll be here at 5pm tweeting during the Strictly Xmas Special.

We hope you can join us then.

The Strictly Support Group


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