Throwback Thursday – Our Very First Strictly Fix Of The Year Chosen by Bella aged 4 and 3/4!

Happy New Year everyone! My lovely 4 yr old kindly asked me this morning if she could choose our Throwback Thursday moment. As a super strictly fan, I couldn’t resist letting her choose her favourite moment. Here’s how we decided on a dance.

👩 Me – So, Bella for Throwback Thursday you need to choose a Strictly moment from the past which you liked most.

👸 Bella – Mummy, I’ve only watched two series of Strictly and I liked all the dances, apart from when the Grumpy Man (Craig) was mean.

👩 Me – Mummy doesn’t like it when Craig’s mean either sweetie. Which dance was the most magical dance for you?

👸 Bella – *thinking really hard and pulling a Paso Face* I liked it when the dancers became Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

👩 Me – So you liked the professional Frozen-themed dance to Let it Go?

👸 Bella – *sings Let it go tunelessly but perfectly* Yes that one!

👩 Me – Why did you like it so much?

👸 Bella – I liked their dresses and think that the ladies with yellow hair (note from mummy Kristina, Natalie and Ola) are really princess Elsa. Ariel from Grimsby (note from mummy – Joanne) and Janette looked like Anna and I like Anna, she’s my favourite princess. They flew and danced backwards (another note from mummy – I think she means the bit where it was in reverse) which means they’re magical like Santa’s reindeer. I liked it this much *stretches arms out as far as she can* and I want to dance like that when I’m older and become a princess. Only one thing, I don’t want to dance with boys though because they smell!

👩 Me – They did look really magical sweetie. I’m sure when you’re a princess, you will dance with princes too.

👸 Bella – Maybe, I’ll make sure they smell all glittery and sparkly before I dance with them. (note from mummy – think I may have a future Strictly Pro living with me!)

👩 Me – Ok Bella, so are you ready to introduce your favourite magical moment on Strictly?

👸 Bella – Of course I am mummy! Here are the Strictly Pros, and Elsas and Annas dancing to Let it Go *twirls around and pretends to be Elsa.* Hope you like it:

👩 Me – Thank you Bella. We’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know what you think. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. We’ll be here from 7pm tonight with our first chat of 2015! We hope you can join us from then!

Cassie and Bella 🙂


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