Strictly Tour 2015 – 8 More Sleeps To Go!

There are now just 8 sleeps until the Strictly Tour kicks off in Birmingham and we’re so excited that we’re exhaling and inhaling glitter everywhere we go (look out for glitter on the streets people!)

Tonight we were treated to a fab-u-lous performance from our professionals and some of our celebrities on the One Show! In case you missed it, here it is below:

We learnt that:
1) Frankie won’t be performing šŸ˜„ with Kevin because she’s been unwell and is having a baby, šŸ˜Š (Congratulations Frankie and Wayne.) A replacement will be revealed tomorrow.
2) Caroline and Mark are both injured but are still hopeful to perform on the tour. Get well soon!
3) Tom and Camilla’s Showdance will feature on the tour.
4) The whole show will be truly fab-u-lous and will feature the amazing Jackson 5 medley routine performed at Blackpool. Hoorah!

All in all, the whole show left us super excited about the tour, so much so that we’ve planned our outfit already.

It lead us on to a Strictly Tour Chat. We wish Frankie all the best with her pregnancy and hope she’s feeling better soon. For our chat, we began by asking, with Frankie no longer in the tour, who would you like to see take her place? Here are some of our favourite suggestions:

We also have a feeling Matt Baker should appear on the tour. He seemed to blend in perfectly with the pros and celebs:

We then asked Of all the couples to be performing on the tour, which of their routines would you most like to see them perform? Once again, you gave some great suggestions. Here are some of our favourites:

With us being super excited about what we’re wearing for the tour, for our next question we asked you what you were planning on wearing or what you would wear if you were to go to see the Strictly tour? We had some super sparkly ideas. Here are some of our favourite suggestions:

We then had a brainwave. With the Peoples’ Strictly line-up being revealed, we thought it’d be a lovely idea for next year’s tour to have some of the cast of this show appearing on the tour. Lots of you seemed to agree. Would you like to see this crossover into Strictly 2015/the tour next year? Let us know what you think.

Thank you to those of your who took part in our chat tonight. Don’t worry if you didn’t get the chance to chat with us, you still can by tweeting us or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Also, keep your questions coming for our Strictly Tour Q&A with Karen, Kevin, Zoe and Thom! We’ll put these questions to them tomorrow evening and will post their replies on here as soon as we can.

Cassie šŸ™‚


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