Strictly Tour 2015 – A Q and A with two of our fave professionals @karen_hauer and @keviclifton

The Strictly Tour is here and once again we have a bit of glitter back in our lives. Before the tour, we asked you to put forward questions for some of the Strictly tour cast! You suggested some fab-u-lous questions for all the interviews. Today’s Q and A is with two of our favourite professionals Karen and Kevin!

Here they are in action on the tour in what appears to be a dance-off which we cannot wait to see! (pics credit to @Imbirmingham)


We began by asking them which dances they’ll be performing and what they love most about doing the tour:
Karen – Mark and I will be performing Cha Cha Cha and Foxtrot.
Kevin – Rachel and I will be performing Tango and Rumba.


We really love the sound of these dances – they’re some of our all-time favourite Strictly routines.

Karen and Kevin – The best part of the tour is getting to see all the amazing support and love from all the strictly fans. Every night is absolutely brilliant. Kevin loves his fake tan too much (haha!) And I love the catering a lil too much as well! 😂😂😂

Fake tan and food sounds like a great combination! So how have rehearsals gone? Kevin, you’ll be dancing with a new partner. How does that feel?

Kevin and Karen – Rehearsals have been long but actually lots of fun. It’s an amazing production this year and we are all really excited to perform in every city.

Kevin – Dancing with Rachel has been amazing. I’m really impressed with how quickly she picked up all the routines and how well we get along. She’s a beautiful dancer and a really sweet person. Really miss Frankie and wish her the best.

We all wish Frankie the best too! You’ve both performed on the Strictly Tour before, which venue is the best in your opinion and why?

Karen and Kevin – We love all the venues but the one that really stands out is Glasgow. We absolutely love it there. The crowd is just absolutely off the radar! We get a huge buzz backstage before going on.

Last year, your oscar-worthy vote pleas made us smile. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to make this year’s tour even more spectacularly fab-u-lous?

Karen and Kevin– Every year we try to bring something new and special to the tour especially when we get to talk in the mic. We did enjoy pleading for votes. This year we will surprise everyone once again hahaha!

*Starts thinking of what they could be planning and overworks her brain* Sounds so much fun! We cannot wait!

What can the fans expect from this year’s tour?

Karen and Kevin – This year’s tour is absolutely brilliant. There are lots of exciting numbers and the costumes are just gorgeous. Its an absolute pleasure to be out there every night .

We’re pretty sure anyone who hasn’t already booked tickets is now searching for a show to go to! It sounds truly amazing. We cannot wait to see the show next month.

Our final question came from @taylorhay131 who asks when did you both start dancing?

Karen and Kevin– Hi @taylorhay131. Kevin started dancing when he was 4yrs old and I started dancing when I was 8yrs old.
Love ya back x

Thank you Kevin and Karen for taking part in our Q&A, it’s really got us super-excited about the tour. We’ll have more Q&As coming very soon, so watch this space!

Cassie 🙂


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