Strictly Support Group – A Tour Memories Chat!

Earlier this evening, we revealed the winners of your favourite Strictly Tour 2015 Memories, before hosting a short chat. Your favourite Strictly Live Tour 2015 were revealed as these three wonderful dances, and it’s easy to see why as they were entertaining, fabulous and gorgeous:


We began our chat with the following question The Strictly Tour has been truly fab-u-lous this year. If you’ve been lucky enough to go, do you think it’s been the best year yet and why? Here are your answers:

For our next question, we asked you if you could choose one contestant to have appeared on the tour as the champion of champions of the tour, who would it be and why? You overwhelmingly voted for this lady, and watching her Paso Doble it’s clear to see why:

We think she was pretty happy too…

Lots of celebrities who’ve appeared on the live shows, haven’t performed on the tour, so, for our next question we asked you, who would you like to see on the Tour next year? Here are some of our favourite answers:

For our next and final question we asked you, if you could take one piece of the Strictly Tour home with you what would it be. Once again, you surpassed yourself with some fantastic answers. Here are our favourites:

That ended tonight’s chat. If you didn’t get the chance to take part, don’t worry! You can still take part by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We’ll be back on Thursday night for a quiz from 8pm. If you’d like to talk about something strictly related, let us know your suggestions for our next chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚


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