Foxtrot Friday – Love is in the air!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day *nudges husband* and for some of us Strictly Fans *nudges husband again* the perfect gift would involve dancing!

We love the Foxtrot (not just because it has the word fox in it) and its soft, floaty nature is perfect for some added romance this Valentine’s day.

Please take note, we’re giving you a little headstart by showing you two Foxtrot tutorials from some of our wonderful professional dancers. Here you can learn some of the basic steps and whisk your loved ones off their feet tomorrow.

The first tutorial is from the lovely Kevin and Karen and teaches you all the basics you need to dance a lovely foxtrot (including a book about Grimsby!):

The second tutorial is from the wonderful Ian and Natalie and tells us a bit more about the history of the Foxtrot, so you can impress your loved one with some dance knowledge too. Here it is:

We hope you enjoyed watching both those dances and would love to see your foxtrot attempts. Tweet us your videos to @scd_support & we’ll make sure they get seen by Kevin, Karen, Ian and Natalie.

We’ll be here tomorrow from 7.30pm for a Valentine’s Day Strictly Support Group chat. We hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂


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