The People’s Strictly – Show 3 Recap!

Normally around this time of year we’re all suffering Strictly withdrawal symptoms, eagerly counting down the sleeps until the show returns to our TV screens in September. Over the last 10 days we have been truly spoilt by the wonderful, sparkly, fabulous people of Strictly with not one, not two, but three brilliant programmes.

Yes, tonight we saw another wonderful episode of The People’s Strictly! It showed the 6 couples take their first steps in the dance studio, learn their routines and get a glamourous makeover. They also met someone who looked familiar but seemed to be acting a little bit peculiarly. That’s right! They met a kind Craig Revel Horwood.

“What? You telling me he can be nice?”

Yes, pussycat. It’s an all-new and lovely Craig Revel-Horwood. We’re pretty sure he’s a pussycat really. In fact, we even had proof from one of The People’s Strictly Contestants: 

The show started seeing our 6 contestants meet one another on the Strictly Ballroom floor. We’re pretty sure that Planet Strictly is a magical place where friends for life are made and their first meeting proved this. Strictly unites the nation and has brought together so many people regardless of their age, background etc, and this show is testament to that.

Our couples ventured into the dance studios to start learning their routines. Some struggled whereas others seemed naturals picking up the routines. They are all truly remarkable human beings and watching them all learning and picking up their routines, it proves that anyone can learn to dance, provided they put their mind to it.

It wasn’t all plain-sailing. We saw injuries which made our hearts skip a beat! We saw our couples struggle with steps, performance, tiredness and personal space invasion!  We also saw our professional dancers taken out of their comfort zone, with Aljaz learning to play hockey. Sadly, he didn’t get to wear a skirt, but there’s always next series of Strictly.

Once our couples had learnt some of their routines, they were invited to Wembley to perform infront of Mr Grumpy Mr Not-so-grumpy but nice, Craig Revel-Horwood. He was very complimentary, which we found a little scary.

To make up for this, our inspirational people were treated to the star treatment. Not only did they get covered in sequins, fake-tan and given a true Strictly Makeover, but they were given some brilliant advice by their celebrity mentors. Strictly have chosen 6 of the best celebrities who truly embraced what Strictly is all about. They have provided all 6 of our everyday heroes with support (just like our professional dancers) and it looks set to be a close competition. In our eyes all 6 couples deserve a glitterball (infact, my 4 year old has promised to make them all glitterballs, because they all deserve them!)

For us, the whole show was a highlight, but there were several moments which were highlights. These were our favourite moments of tonight’s show:

 What were your favourite moments? Let us know, either by commenting below or tweeting us @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you.
Cassie 🙂


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