The People’s Strictly – A Q&A with the lovely Trishna (@TrishnaBharadia)

Tonight sees our six everyday heroes take to the dancefloor for the final episode of The People’s Strictly *sobs.* It’s been a truly emotional show and we have single-handedly kept a well-known tissue manufacturer in business all been amazed, inspired and bowled-over by this wonderful programme and cannot wait to see all 6 couples perform! 

As you know, there’s nothing we like more than a good Q&A, so we put some questions to one of the amazing people taking part in The People’s Strictly, Trishna. Here’s what she had to say.

We began by asking You were nominated by your sister to appear on the People’s Strictly and were surprised at a Zumba class. How did it feel being nominated? Did you at all suspect you were going to be nominated?

Trishna: Finding out I was on the show was a complete shock! At that Zumba class, I had no idea what was going on when everyone else started dancing choreographed moves around me. All I could think about was how silly I must look standing in the middle of everyone not knowing what I was doing! You see it in the footage that I try to run to the side of the room! When Louis and Natalie turned up I was just astounded (as you can probably tell from my face!) It felt like an out-of-body experience because I really couldn’t believe it was happening! I can’t thank my sister, who nominated me,enough for giving me the opportunity to live the best experience of my life!

Yep, we felt the shock too and wanted to reach into our TV and give you a hug *gives a virtual hug.* You have been lucky enough to be paired with the lovely Aljaz Skoranjec (your favourite Strictly pro.) What has it been like dancing with him?

Trishna: Aljaz has honestly given me the best time of my life. We’ve had so much fun during training and he’s helped me to achieve things that I never thought would be possible. 

At my dance reveal, which is when I found out that I would be dancing the jive and was the first time I tried a few steps, I put my head on Aljaz’s shoulder and said “Oh noooooooo! Now I’m totally freaked out!” He’s taken all my concerns about the jive and turned them around so now I’m completely in love with it! We hit it off instantly and lots of people who have seen us rehearsing and performing have remarked that we have a brilliant connection. He really is one of the most caring, understanding, compassionate and kindest people I’ve ever met and I feel so privileged to have shared this journey with him!
You truly couldn’t ask for more from a Strictly Pro. Like all the other People’s Strictly contestants, we can see you’re having a ball learning to dance the jive. What’s been the most challenging part and the best part of dancing on Strictly? If you could perform another dance on Strictly what would you choose and why?

Trishna: The biggest challenge has been using muscles that I’ve never used before. After my first training session I couldn’t walk for four days because I was in so much pain! Also dancing in heels has been a challenge because I rarely wear heels so I had to learn how to jump about in them! The best part of dancing has been how I feel when I’m doing it. I love it. It makes me feel so happy! There have been times in rehearsals when Aljaz has had to rein me back in because I got so caught up in the music I would forget about all the technicalities like arm placement etc and just start dancing like no-one was watching! (Only Aljaz was!) If I could dance on the show again I’d like to do a salsa, samba or cha cha. I love Latin music and would love to shake it on the ballroom floor!

You were lucky enough to be nominated to appear on the show. If you could nominate one of your friends or family to appear on another People’s Strictly who would you nominate and why?
Trishna: I’d probably nominate my Mum! She admittedly has two left feet and a questionable sense of rhythm so I’d love to see what the pros could do with her! She’s had a bit of a dance with Aljaz and I loved seeing her face when she realised she was actually getting the steps!

That sounds like a great idea! Like all the People’s Strictly contestants you are a true inspiration to us and have shown that you can overcome many challenges in life to dance. If you could give anyone who was hesitant/reluctant about learning to dance some advice, what would it be?
Trishna: I’d say if dancing makes you happy then that’s what’s the most important. Life is short and you never know what’s around the corner. It took me being diagnosed with MS to really start living life and overcoming fears in order to make the most of opportunities because with something like MS you just don’t know when your next relapse might happen. So don’t let fear stop you!

Some great advice there *signs up to a dance class quickly* Finally, a question from my little one… Strictly is full of glitter and sequins. Which are better, sequins or glitter? I like them both!
Trishna:  How can I possibly choose?! I love everything that sparkles so give me both!

Great answer! In our opinion a girl can never have too many sequins, glitter or sparkly things. Thank you Trishna for taking part in our Q&A. 

The People’s Strictly is on BBC One tonight from 9pm. We’ll be on our twitter account @scd_support from 8pm chatting about all things Comic Relief and then tweeting along with the programme from 9pm. We hope you can join us then


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