The People’s Strictly – A final interview with the lovely @philkidz

*pulls a shocked face* We can hardly believe that it’s been one week since The People’s Strictly and we’re all suffering a little bit with the Post-Strictly Blues. In fact, even today’s interviewee admitted he was missing it a little, earlier in the week:

Don’t worry, today’s interview is full of sunshine and will make even the grumpiest person smile. We’re interviewing the inspirational and wonderful Phil Barnett.

We started by asking him this… You looked like you had the best time ever on the Show! What was the best part of being involved in the show? (was it the fake tan? ;))

Phil – I DID have the best time on the show! IT WAS AMAZING!!! I think it was actually doing the routine on the night, although meeting the other five contestants ranks pretty high too!

 We saw you suffer an injury and “dance through the pain” to produce a super smooth and

perfect American Smooth. What was the most challenging part of being involved in the People’s Strictly?

Phil – It was definitely having to wait for three weeks after the op before I could dance! When the others danced for Craig and I realised they had all learned their routines and I hadn’t started a step, it hit me quite hard and I started to panic! And then only having three weeks left to learn it all!


You were paired with the lovely Janette and had the wonderful Lisa Riley as your celebrity mentor. What was it like working with them?

Phil – Janette comes from a Musical Theatre background so she was a perfect partner for me to dance with. She had so much patience with me as I found remembering the steps a big challenge – I’m 54 now and not as quick on the uptake as I used to be! Lisa has been a revelation – full of personality as you can imagine but so kind and supportive too – I couldn’t have wished for a better mentor!


When you were surprised we saw the very talented Kidz R Us kids (and Kevin from Grimsby and Lisa)

surprise you with your very own Strictly Come Dancing show. How much support did you get from the kids and Janette?

Phil – The Kidz have been wonderful – right behind me every step of the way. What’s also been great is the number of ex-Kidz contacting me to wish me well and to say how much Kidz had had a positive impact on their lives. Janette choreographed our routine to suit my strengths and the lifts she put in were amazing! She had to really trust me as I was spinning her all over the place!


If you could nominate anyone to appear on The People’s Strictly who would you nominate and who would you pair them with?

Phil – I would nominate Lauren Trudgeon, to thank her for nominating me, as I know she has loved the whole Strictly experience and would love to do it herself. I would love to see her dance with Aljaz as he is her favourite!


If you could appear on the show again which dance would you like to try and why?

Phil –I would love to do the Argentine Tango or the Paso Doble – they are completely different from the Foxtrot and I would really like the drama of them!


Will you keep dancing after your taste of all things Strictly?


Phil – YES! YES! YES! Its been one of the highlights of my life and I feel so privileged to have taken part.

Thank you to Phil for agreeing to take part in our Q&A. We hope it has relieved your #strictly blues.



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