Strictly Support Group – A Happy Days Chat!

Today has been International Happiness Day! Strictly is a programme that makes us feel happy, warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, these two routines from Strictly Come Dancing 2014 sum up just how we feel watching Strictly, very Happy!

We thought the best way to commemorate this Happy Day would be to host a Strictly Support Group Chat. We began by asking you How does Strictly Make you feel inside? You gave some fantastic answers. Here are some of our favourite answers: 

 For our next question, we turned to some of our favourite cartoon characters to ask you this:


You gave some great suggestions. Here are some of our favourites:

Some great suggestions from you all! For our next question we asked your happiest moment to have happened on Strictly. We had some fab-u-lous answers, but these two moments won your vote!


 For our next question, we asked you for the dance that makes you feel happiest on Strictly. You gave some great suggestions, all of which we’ve compiled into a poll. All you need to do is vote before 5pm tomorrow and we’ll reveal the results just before 7pm tomorrow evening.

For our final question we asked you to describe strictly using the letters of the word HAPPY. We made you think, but once again you gave some great answers. Here are some of thes best ones:

That ended tonight’s chat. We’ll be back for a results reveal tomorrow just before 7pm and our quiz on Wednesday. We hope you can join us then.

Cassie πŸ™‚


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