Strictly Meets Disney – This Post Will Take You To A Whole New World, Under The Sea. :)

This afternoon, my almost 5 yr old is celebrating her birthday with a Disney princess themed party. Over the last few years we have seen some amazing Disney-themed Strictly routines which Mickey Mouse would be proud of! He would most definitely give them a 10.

It got us thinking, which routines have been the best? Here’s our Top 5! 

5. Steve and Ola’s Jungle Book Inspired Quickstep

For us, this was a turning point for Steve and showed he was a true contender in the show. It was a performance packed full of fun and lots of steps. It made us smile and want to get up and dance. We defy anyone (well, nearly anyone) not to feel happy watching this routine. It was pure joy to watch.

4. Pixie and Trent’s Beauty and the Beast Inspired Quickstep

Not often can we say that a performance has truly amazed us, but this routine was as close to perfection as you can get. Trent’s choreography was wonderful and Pixie performed it perfectly. If they’re ever planning a Beauty and the Beast musical soon, we think they should cast these two straight away. They’d be brilliant.

3. Mark and Iveta’s Lion King Samba

There are performances on Strictly that truly make us smile, and this routine was one of them. Although it wasn’t technically perfect, we loved it and it really made us smile. Simba and Nala Mark and Iveta were a joy to watch and looked adorable as Lion Cubs. They were roarsome!

2. Alison and Aljaz’s Aladdin Inspired Charleston

Some couples radiate joy when they dance and these two were no exception. Their charleston was fun, fast and fantastic. When we saw it on the tour it was a routine that made us smile and want to get up and dance. Their energy was fantastic and their partnership even better. We loved it and are sure they’ll be friends for life!

1. Scott and Joanne’s Little Mermaid Samba #thecrabliveson

There are some unforgettable moments on Strictly and this will be one of them for many years to come. Scott deserved a 10 for performing in that costume. It was a performance that could only happen on Strictly. We loved it and it’s inspired my little girl’s birthday cake today:

So, there are our top Disney moments. What are your favourite Strictly meets Disney moments? Which dances do you think are worthy of being at the Magic Kingdom? Let us know, either by tweeting @scd_support or commenting in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie (aka wannabe Snow White!) 👸


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