Smooth Sunday – 101 Reasons to Read this Post (most of them are fluffy!)

We’ve gone a little Disney mad over the last few days and today’s Smooth Sunday fix is no exception. You all know how the saying goes never work with animals or children. Well, today’s dance proved that animals don’t always perform how you expect them to, but Perdy and Perdita definitely looked fab-u-lous and furry during their dogography. 

Yes, today we’re watching Judy and Anton’s Doggy-inspired American Smooth. There are 101 reasons that we enjoyed this routine. Well, almost 101! Here are some of them:

1) Although not technically perfect it was entertaining.

2) The doggies looked adorable and we wanted to take one home too (we’re not Cruella De Vil, honestly!)

3) The costumes and concept of the whole dance were wonderful and truly made us smile

4) Anton’s choreography as ever was brilliant and played to Judy’s strengths. 

We could go on forever about why we enjoyed this dance, but it was one of those moments on Strictly which we loved. It is unforgettable and will go down in Strictly history. 

In case you missed it earlier, here are Judy and Anton with their dogography-filled American Smooth:

We hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support or comment below. Just for you, we’ve also created you a Disney inspired spotify playlist and a youtube playlist. Click the links below to watch them. We hope you enjoy listening to and watching them:

We’d like to hear the Strictly dance from the Magical Kingdom you felt was most magical. Just vote in this poll below and we’ll reveal the winner tomorrow morning as our #mondaymemory:

Don’t forget to join us from 7.30pm tonight for our weekly Strictly Support Group on twitter @scd_support. We look forward to seeing you there.

Cassie 🙂


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