Monday Memory – The Easter Bunny’s Monday Memory Dance-Off

It’s Easter Monday and while most of us enjoy a chilled out start to the week with friends and loved ones, one person has been very busy delivering Easter Eggs and creating a hiphoptastic playlist. 

Yes, The Easter Bunny has been working hard for you all. He needs a bit of help, so today he’s hosting the Great Strictly Support Group Easter Bunny Monday Memory Dance-Off! (Try saying that with a mouth full of Easter Egg!) He’s chosen two dances which were performed to a song that he is very proud of, Get Happy.
First up is Kimberly and Pasha’s Quickstep. This is a dance full of glamour, hops, skips and lots of quick steps:
Next up are Frankie and Kevin with their elegant and glamourous Showdance.

Now you’ve seen both dances, just vote in this poll to choose your winner:

The Easter Bunny will reveal the results tonight at 7pm.
We hope you all have a wonderful Easter Monday!
Cassie and Bugs (The Easter Bunny!)

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