Swing Patrol – Our Very First Class!

Ever since watching Dragon’s Den last year, we’ve been eagerly waiting for the chance to try Swing Patrol. Last night, we put on our best jazz shoes and 1940s style dresses (well, I did! My husband didn’t) and ventured to our very first Swing Patrol class.

In case you’ve been living on a different planet over the last few months, Swing Patrol is a fun and friendly way of learning Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston through classes taking place all over London. It’s also one of Deborah Meaden’s investments from Dragon’s Den last year.

The classes are divided up into different levels, and there are classes taking place in lots of locations over London every night of the week. Level 1 classes are for complete beginners and teach you the basics of swing dance. There are also classes for the more advanced and experienced dancers (Level 2 and 3) and half-levels (Level 1.5 and 2.5) for people wanting to add more strings to their bow. In our case we were learning Lindy Hop, which we loved! As well as the classes, there are also fun Social events you can take part in too. We’re hoping to take part in too.

We went along to a Level 1 class, and, because we were having so much fun, stayed on for the Level 1.5 class. Classes cost £8 per person, and are not only great fun, but a fantastic workout too. They are also a great place to meet other dance fans. You don’t have to have a partner and everyone was really friendly. After the classes, there

Our teachers, Cat and Simon, also made the steps really easy to follow and a lot of fun too. They are true ambassadors for Swing Patrol as a brand. They embrace the joy of dance and we couldn’t stop smiling from start to finish! In fact, all of Swing Patrol seems like a whole world full of loveliness. Just look at this tweet, we got from them earlier:

We loved our very first taster of Swing Patrol and will definitely be back for more fun next week.

To find out more about Swing Patrol, visit http://www.swingpatrol.co.uk. If you need convincing, here’s a little video of what to expect too:

Cassie 🙂


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