Can you dance? A Review by @janelottering

If you hadn’t figured out already, we are dance (and Strictly) obsessed, so when we heard there was a new Dance event called “can you dance?” featuring two of our favourite professionals, we felt the need to review it. Sadly, we were busy by the seaside (spending time with Derek the Donkey) but the lovely Jane (@janelottering) was lucky enough to go and kindly agreed to review the event for us. Here are her thoughts on the day:

Saturday 3rd May 2015

An early start 😴☕️, a coach journey with a dance group full of excited girls and their mums and we are on our way to Norwich Uni, for Can you Dance? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a convention and a dance-fest created by choreographer Matt Flint and Tom Shilcock. 

Over the course of the day, dancers are invited to a master class by Matt himself, Aaron Witter and his dance partner Wolfgang, who choreographed Beyoncé videos. Strictly’s Kevin and Joanne Clifton were there too, along with West End stage star Alaister Postlethwaite. A forty minute master class by one of these guys is fun, full of energy and a valuable dance experience for any budding dancer from world-class professionals. 

The day is then finished off by a dance competition between the attending dance schools, to which the above are judges. I must conclude it was a fun and fabulous day, great for any budding dancer and lover of dance. (Mums included!)

Ariel from Grimsby/Joanne Clifton getting ready for her Masterclass
Lots of excited dancers getting ready for a Masterclass with Kevin from Grimsby
Thanks for a great review Jane. It looks like it was a fab-u-lous day!

If you’re attending a dance event or show and would like to review it, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Cassie 🙂


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