Strictly Support Group – The Election Results!

As the nation is swept by election fever, we have been suffering from Electionitis (a desire to vote on every single subject) and in true Strictly Support Group style, decided to host our own Election with added glitter and strictlified-ness. We gave everyone the chance to vote, and you all did. Understandably, my 5 year old found this election a lot more interesting than the General Election (polling stations need more colouring in books in her opinion!)

Once polling had ended, our team counted and verified your votes. Whilst we were doing this, we asked you a few questions. Our first question was which politician would you like to see on Strictly? You overwhelmingly said you’d like to see Boris Johnson take part in the show. Having watched him dance before, we know he has rhythm so would love to see him on Strictly!

Our next question was if you were elected Prime Minister, what strictly promise would you pledge to all your supporters? We had some wonderful suggestions, of which these two were our favourites:

We’d love both these things to happen. *clicks red glittery shoes together hoping Strictly producers read this.*

It was then time to reveal the results. In true Strictly Support Group style, just like sunday night Strictly results shows, we cued tense music and spotlights before revealing your leaders of the opposition, deputy prime ministers and prime minister of the Strictly Support Group General Election 2015. Here are the results in picture form:


Congratulations to Susanna and Kevin, Chris and Ola, Sophie and Brendan and Kristina and Simon on being elected into the Strictly Support Group parliament! Don’t worry, you don’t have to pass any laws, you’ll just be remembered for these fabulous dances in the Strictly Support Group Hall Of Fame.

Thank you to all who voted in our General Election! We’re back on Saturday from 7.30pm when I’ll be bravely letting my 5yr old take over to host our Strictly Support Group. We hope you can join us then.


Chief Returning Officer of the Strictly Support Group


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