Salsa Saturday – Cats Can Dance! (A post by Bella – aged 5!)

Tonight mummy will let me take over the Strictly Support Group to host a chat from 7.30pm. It’s past my normal bedtime, but I’ve just had a nap so I won’t fall asleep I promise!

This morning, I told mummy cats can dance. She seemed suspicious and didn’t believe me. Then I showed her this dance where there was a real cat on Strictly! *looks up to see how cinnamon the kitten can take part this year.* 

It was a salsa which had lots of feathers and glitter, as well as a real cat which I loved! I hope you will love it too. Here are Kristina (although I think it’s really a cat) and someone called Colin (I don’t remember him as I was only a tiny baby when he performed:)

I hope you liked watching this dance. I’ll be here from 7.30pm with a Princess themed chat. See you later alligators (not real alligators, because they scare me!)

Happy Caturday People!


5yr old Strictly Fan and Cat Lover


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