30 Day Challenge – Bella’s A – Z of Strictly! πŸ‘Έ

Those of you who have followed us for some time will know I live with one of the biggest and youngest Strictly fans ever. My lovely 5 year old Bella takes after her Mummy and loves all things Strictly, glittery and fab-u-lous.

I’ve bravely decided to let her take over and choose our daily Strictly fixes and write our blog posts (with some help) for our 30 day blog challenge. We’re calling it Bella’s A – Z of Strictly and there’s no better place to start than with the letter A.

A is for Animals, Anton Du Beke!

Hello *waves!* It’s Bella here. Mummy’s let me take over the blog for 30 days! That’s a very long time when you’re only little. She asked me to think of what I thought the letter A stood for on Strictly. I wanted it to stand for animals, but she said that animals don’t normally appear on Strictly *gets confused thinking about Scott and Ariel’s Samba and when Hairy Dave was a Panda.*

She told me that it’d be good to write a post about Anton Du Beke as he’s a Strictly legend (I don’t know what that word means! *asks mummy what it means*)

Now I know what the word legend means, I think mummy helped me choose a great topic. Anton has danced on Strictly for 11 years! That’s longer than I’ve been alive. He’s never won, but he looks like a prince and is a brilliant Ballroom dancer. He is kind and funny (funnier than my daddy) and seems very patient. He also choreographs fun routines. I think he deserves a glitterball now! *stomps feet up and down and pulls a  Paso Face*

Today’s Monday Memory is Anton and Fiona’s fun quickstep. I was only 3 when I first saw this dance, but I liked it because it had cakes in it. Fiona’s dress looked really pretty and they looked like they were having fun. Next time Mummy takes me for afternoon tea, I think I’ll start dancing around even if Mummy says it’s dangerous, but don’t tell Mummy I told you that!

So today has been brought to you by the letter A for Anton! Well chosen Bella:

If you are also an Anton Aficionado, let us know why by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. What’s your favourite Anton moment on Strictly? We’d also like to hear what you think A would stand for in your Strictly alphabet. Send us your suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.

What will Bella choose for the letter B tomorrow? Find out tomorrow on here.

Cassie and Bella!


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