Strictly Support Group does Eurovision – Our Weekly Chat Recap

So tonight as we sat down to watch some weird and wonderful performances on Eurovision we hosted a very special Eurovision inspired Strictly Support Group!

We started off by asking you this:

Alex from Electrovelvet (The UK’s entry to the Eurovision Contest) has said he’d love to appear on Strictly. If you could see any past/present Eurovision star on Strictly, who would you like to see and why? You gave us some great suggestions. Here are our favourites:

After these fab-u-lous suggestions we then asked you to name the Strictly performance you think would be perfect for Eurovision. We had some great answers. As well as Deborah and Robin’s Bucks Fizz inspired Jive, we had these suggestions

Whilst we imagined these dances, we were treated to Electrovelvet’s performance. We hope it’ll appear on Strictly 2015 in a Charleston!

For the next question we asked you this. Our couples can score a maximum of 10 points from each of our judges. If they were given a douze points paddle, which dances do you think the judges would award douze points to? You gave us some truly uh-may-zing suggestions. Even this guy got out his 10 paddle:


“It’s a 10 from me dah-lings! You are fab-u-lous!”
Here are our favourite answers

For our penultimate question, we watched this video and thought about which Strictly stars could appear on Eurovision. 

We know that two strictly pros (one current, Jo and one past, Iveta) have voices of angels. We asked, if any Strictly person could appear on Eurovision, representing their country who would you choose and what would they sing?

You unanimously voted for Joanne from Grimsby, singing something from the Little Mermaid perhaps!

For our final question we put a question to you: You’re asked to create a Strictly meets Eurovision show featuring dance along side some of our Eurovision favourite songs! Which dances would you pair up with which Eurovision performances? If you watched Azerbaijan’s performance, it was just like watching Strictly! Here were the dances you suggested:

We’d definitely pair up Italy’s song with a Paso Doble! Lots of Drama. Which Strictly performances and eurovision songs would you pair up for the perfect mash-up. Let us know by tweeting us @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

That ended our Eurovision themed chat tonight. If you didn’t get the chance to take part, don’t worry! You can still take part, by commenting below or tweeting us @scd_support. We’re back on Tuesday from 8pm with our weekly quiz. We hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂


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